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Fascinating Fact 7487

8th June 2009

Basketball fanatic DENZEL WASHINGTON got his Los Angeles Lakers season floor seats from WALTER MATTHAU, who played the original GARBER character in 1974 movie THE TAKING OF PELHAM, ONE TWO THREE. Washington plays Garber in...

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The Things They Say 6841

18th January 2008

"You would think that the parts that WALTER MATTHAU played at this point would come my way. No one asks me to play the father; or Gramps, the lovable old codger; or Pops, the backstage...

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The Things They Say 6048

5th November 2007

"Somebody suggested we should do a remake of THE ODD COUPLE. It could be kind of fun." RUSSELL CROWE is considering reteaming with AMERICAN GANGSTER co-star DENZEL WASHINGTON for a remake of JACK LEMMON and...

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Flynn Beats Depp In Pirates Poll

10th July 2006

Swashbuckler ERROL FLYNN has dented JOHNNY DEPP's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN celebrations by being hailed Hollywood's top buccaneer in a new World Entertainment News Network (WENN) poll. WENN editors teamed up with British buccaneer buff...

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Grumpy Old Men Musical Gets The Go-ahead

10th July 2006

Plans to turn hit JACK LEMMON and WALTER MATTHAU movie GRUMPY OLD MEN into a stage musical have been given the green light after producers found a writing team. The Broadway, New York-bound project will...

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Lane Prays De Niro And Keitel Will Play Odd Couple

8th April 2006

THE PRODUCERS star NATHAN LANE hopes rumours about ROBERT DE NIRO and HARVEY KEITEL becoming Broadway, New York's next ODD COUPLE are true - because the pairing would be make for a quirky take on...

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Hefner To Be Buried With Monroe

28th November 2005

Playboy founder HUGH HEFNER wants to be buried next to screen goddess MARILYN MONROE. The 79-year-old considers Los Angeles' Westwood Cemetery the ideal final resting place, and has earmarked an ornate vault alongside the...

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Depression Marred Goldie's Early Years

2nd May 2005

Hollywood's favourite upbeat funnygirl, GOLDIE HAWN, has revealed the smiles she's famous for were just a front for severe depression that marred her early career. In her upcoming autobiography A LOTUS IN THE MUD,...

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Matthau's Niece Lashes Out At Richie

19th November 2004

LATEST: WALTER MATTHAU's niece MICHELLE is among those keen to make sure LIONEL RICHIE's ex-wife DIANE gets justice in court - she wants her squashed like a bug. Michelle Matthau was married to DANIEL...

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Broderick And Lane To Re-team For The Odd Couple Revival

18th November 2004

MATTHEW BRODERICK and NATHAN LANE are hoping to make stage magic together once again, by starring in a Broadway revival of THE ODD COUPLE. Broderick and Lane are currently preparing to film a movie...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Matthau's Home Comes With Top Memorabilia

30th September 2003

The New York apartment of late movie great WALTER MATTHAU and his socialite wife CAROL is being sold off with all its furnishings included. A buyer who is prepared to pay the $4.3 million...

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Kids Expected To Battle Over Matthau Will

31st July 2003

LATEST: Following the Monday (28JUL03) funeral of late WALTER MATTHAU's widow CAROL, there are expected to be family disputes over the will. The Matthaus had a complicated extended family including adult children who did...

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Matthau's Wife Dies

31st July 2003

Late funnyman WALTER MATTHAU's widow CAROL has died of a broken heart after losing her husband and daughter in the space of three years. The 78-year-old died of a brain aneurysm in her Manhattan,...

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Neil Simon: I Did Odd Couple Ii To Retain Copyright

8th July 2003

Legendary playwright and scriptwriter NEIL SIMON admits that he only wrote a sequel to classic comedy THE ODD COUPLE so that he wouldn't lose the copyright. Neil wrote the screenplay for 1998's ODD COUPLE...

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More Pain For Matthau's Family

6th June 2003

Late great WALTER MATTHAU's family are grieving again after the drug death of the star's stepdaughter. LUCY SAROYAN, the only daughter of Matthau's widow CAROL, has died from cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis...

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