Spike Lee has the uncanny ability of dropping his audience into exciting, possibly unfamiliar, territory and The Original Kings of Comedy is no exception. If you've never experienced a racial cauldron (Do the Right Thing), life in the urban projects (Clockers), or the Million Man March (Get on the Bus), Spike brings it, with a style and storytelling skill that is sometimes unmatched. This new Lee experience is all laughs: four top-of-the-line, old school comics tour the country, sell out arenas, and gross $37 million in two years. Heard of it? Probably not. Welcome to Spike's latest, a concert documenting two nights of killer comedy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Original Kings of Comedy is the most successful and unique comedy tour ever staged, and many Americans have never heard of it. Starring four black comics, and delivering the goods to a primarily black audience, the Kings have performed in large, coliseum venues, and now look to the big screen for new converts and more widespread popularity. There's the WB's Steve Harvey, the likable ringleader; D.L. Hughley, another sitcom star, who's a harsher, fluid jokeman; Cedric the Entertainer, a multi-talented performer and partner of Harvey's; and Bernie Mac, an imposing, popular, sharp-tongued cursefest. Lee, shooting the film on ten digital video cameras, brings some additions to the concert footage, with the Kings plugging the show at a local radio station, riding in a limo, and hanging backstage at the gig.

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