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Walter Cronkite's Grandson Commits Suicide

Walter Cronkite

Peter Cronkite was found dead in his dorm room at Colby College in Maine on Sunday (26Apr15).

An obituary in the New York Times reads: "Peter was to have graduated from Colby College, as a Classics major, in May...

"Peter, an avid film enthusiast, was the voice of Dennis the Menace for an animated movie when he was nine years old. He will be missed by his many Martha's Vineyard friends."

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Pat O'brien To Spoof His Old Job On Adult Swim

Juvenile Jimmy Kimmel Walter Cronkite Madness

Pat O'Brien, the former host of the syndicated tabloid show Access Hollywood until he was caught up in a scandal, has agreed to appear on an Adult Swim series, Hot Package, that will spoof those tabloid shows. O'Brien, who was fired from Access Hollywood after he left drunken, sexually explicit voicemail messages on the cellphone of an unidentified woman, says that he has turned his life around after spending time in rehab and is delighted that he will be able to have a role on a show that ridicules the kind of shows with which he was long identified. It's almost Juvenile to the point of being ridiculous. But it's funny, and the fact that I'm there doing it is fun, he said in an interview with On this program, I am -- as Jimmy Kimmel once called me -- 'the Walter Cronkite of crap.' He also has written a book, he says, in which he spells out what these entertainment shows did to pop culture -- they ruined it. O'Brien notes that he was part of the invention of these entertainment shows. They went from being entertainment shows to freak shows. The problem is people will watch what you give them. And so these shows decided to instead of just talking about George Clooney and Brad Pitt and people like that, they end up finding the biggest freaks in the circus and portray them as news. ... It's Madness; it's insanity, and I had to shower and drink a bottle of wine after each one of these. But I was, again, a willing participant.

Schism Grows Between Obama And Press

Walter Cronkite Justice Fox News The New York Times CNN

Things may not look so dire for Barack Obama as they did for Lyndon Johnson when Walter Cronkite spoke out against the Vietnam War and it was said that the president had lost the press (and the country), but the recent revelations that the Department of Justice had been secretly tracking the phone records of AP and Fox News reporters has certainly got the backs up of several news organizations. An attempt by Attorney General Eric Holder to smooth things over by holding an off-the-record meeting on Friday with the press to discuss the department's policies succeeded only in making matters worse. On Wednesday, the AP and The New York Times each announced that they would boycott the meeting if it is held off-the-record. AP issued a statement saying, If it is on the record, AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll will attend. If it is not on the record, AP will not attend and instead will offer our views on how the regulations should be updated in an open letter. We would expect AP attorneys to be included in any planned meetings ... . New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson issued a statement later in the day saying, It isn't appropriate for us to attend an off-the-record meeting with the attorney general. Our Washington bureau is aggressively covering the department's handling of leak investigations at this time. By evening CNN, the Huffington Post and the McClatchy newspapers had joined the boycott. McClatchey Washington bureau chief James Asher issued the strongest response, telling Poynter that the meeting now appeared designed mostly to make a public relations point and not a substantive one. If the government wants to justify its pursuit of journalists, they ought to do it in pubic. Fox News and NBC News said that they had not decided whether to attend. The Washington Post and, however, said that they would do so. The generally negative reaction of the press to Holder's off-the-record meeting brought a furious reaction from former Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean. Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe program today (Thursday), Dean denounced the thin-skinned and sanctimonious press. He said that while he usually sides with the press, if I'm Obama or Eric Holder, I got a problem because my intelligence is being compromised. This is a tough issue.

Cbs News "We Invented Original Reporting"

Ghosts ABC CBS Edward R Murrow NBC Peter Jennings Walter Cronkite The Early Show

It's almost enough to raise the Ghosts of David Brinkley and Peter Jennings from their graves -- a new 30-second promo airing on CBS that ends with an announcer remarking, "It's not like we invented original reporting on television. Oh, wait yes, we did." It's part of a campaign on behalf of the news division bannered "CBS News -- Original Reporting." The report features clips from CBS News programs, including The Early Show, CBS Evening News with Scott Peley , and 60 Minutes , showing personalities on those shows interviewing VIPs. (The promo also includes images of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite.) featured the promo on its website on Thursday, remarking that "it will surely irk the competition at ABC and NBC."

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Pelley Says He Has Never Anchored A Newscast

CBS Bond Katie Couric The Days Walter Cronkite

CBS could be repeating with Scott Pelley the same mistake it made with Katie Couric -- failing to recognize that a television anchor is principally a performer (or a "presenter" as he or she is called in most other countries), someone who can help convey with intonation, cadence, and sometimes with gesture the drama behind the daily news and -- equally important -- form a Bond with viewers. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun 's David Zurawik, Pelley emphasized -- apparently with some pride -- that he has never previously anchored a television broadcast. "When I sit down on June the 6th," he said, "that will be the first day that I have ever anchored a live television broadcast." His principal contribution to the CBS Evening News , he told Zurawik, will be what he brings to it as managing editor. "The anchoring at the end of the day is the least important part of my day," Pelley said. "The most important part of the day is the 10 hours before that when you go in as managing editor and you sit with the senior staff and figure out what you're going to cover and how you're going to cover it." Some would argue, however, that CBS's eminent strength has always been its lineup of top reporters in the field and that what it has lacked since The Days of Walter Cronkite is someone who can effectively showcase them.

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Couric's Departure Goes Unreported By Cbs

CBS ABC Brian Williams Diane Sawyer Katie Couric NBC Walter Cronkite

Viewers of the CBS Evening News Tuesday night would not have learned that Katie Couric will be stepping down as anchor of the nightly newscast at the end of next month. They would have heard about it if they had watched the other two network newscasts. On his report on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams referred to Couric as "our friend and NBC News alum," a reference to her longtime tenure as cohost of NBC's Today show. On ABC, which reportedly has offered Couric a daytime slot to host a talk show, Diane Sawyer called Couric her "colleague and friend." Couric did discuss her departure with PBS talk-show host Tavis Smiley in an interview set to air tonight. Seeming to apologize for sidestepping earlier questions about her future plans, Couric said that she didn't "mean to be coy. I just didn't want to jump the gun on any kind of announcement, and I wanted to be respectful of my successor at the Evening News. " She did not indicate who her successor will be, although numerous reports have mentioned 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley. Couric made no mention of the low ratings of the CBS Evening News during her interview with Smiley, explaining that she was leaving so that she could do "something that's a little more in my wheelhouse. While it was such a privilege to sit in that chair that was once occupied by Walter Cronkite, you know it's a pretty confining venue, and I'm looking forward to doing what I think is what I do best, which is interacting with people, interviewing people, having sort of more extended conversations." She said that a daytime talk show "might be a really good venue for my particular skill set."

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Bristol Palin's College Plans

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars John McCain Sarah Palin Walter Cronkite

Bristol Palin will be treated like any other student if she applies to Arizona State University.

The 20-year-old 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant is reportedly considering the university - which has a strong communications programme - but school authorities say they won't give her any preferential treatment. spoke with a representative from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism about how the school would treat Sarah Palin's daughter if she did apply.

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No Lost Love Among Ex-cnn'ers For Klein

CNN Justice Soledad O'brien Walter Cronkite

Former CNN staffers and on-air personalities are shedding few tears publicly over the firing of Jon Klein as U.S. president of the cable news network. Miles O'Brien, who had once co-anchored American Morning with Soledad O'brien but was sidelined two years later, given fill-in work by Klein, who fired him only last week, tweeted on Monday, "There is Justice in this world. You just have to be patient." Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs told TVNewser's Gail Shister that he regarded Klein's firing as a birthday present. "I'm sure it's just a coincidence that doay is my birthday ... but you'd have to confirm with CNN management that it's a coincidence." Former CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre wrote "The fact is Jon Klein has overseen the slow, and sometimes not-so-subtle tabloidization of CNN, as he has systematically shed programming that aspired to provide context and perspective, in favor of ratings-seeking formulas aimed more at fanning the flames of outrage and emotion." And former anchor Aaron Brown, now an instructor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, told that he couldn't figure out why Klein was being fired now. "It makes no sense to me. It makes perfect sense that they'd blow him up. They have the worst ratings in 10 years. But I'd have blown him up a year ago."

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Andy Rooney "I Will Work Until I Drop"

CBS Walter Cronkite

His longtime buddy Walter Cronkite may have been forced to retire in 1981 because of a CBS mandatory retirement policy at the time for persons reaching 65, but at the age of 91, Andy Rooney says he has no plans to step down -- ever. Asked by how long he expects to continue to work, Rooney replied, "How long am I going to work? How long am I going to live? That's the question." And he answered it this way "I will work until I drop, or until I lose my head. Until somebody tells me different, I'm not going to quit." And salary disputes are not going to cause him to exit either, he observed. "They don't even call me about it. They're not changing the amount of money I make, which is plenty. I'm just here. I'll be here until I die or get too sick to work." Why would he do so? "I work for the best show on the air, and I have the best spot on it. This is as good as life gets."

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Double Take Review

Hitchcock fans and die-hard moviegoers will enjoy this offbeat collage-style movie, which is expertly assembled but struggles to engage us with a coherent story or theme. It's mischievous and clever, but also impenetrable.

Two Hitchcock doubles (lookalike Burrage and soundalike Perry) take us on a surreal trip to 1962, when Hitchcock was promoting The Birds during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cold War paranoia echoes the terrors of The Birds, while the issue of identity is playfully explored by both the doubles and Hitchcock himself in his hilarious Alfred Hitchcock Presents introductions. Not to mention frequent intrusions from Folgers Coffee, the programme sponsor. But there's also a foreshadowing of the filmmaker's death in 1980, plus parallels with the War on Terror.

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Funeral Service For Celebrated Newsman Walter Cronkite At St. Bartholomew's Church. Cronkite, Who Reported From Around The World And Once Was Known As 'the Most Trusted Man In America', Died Last Friday, (17Jul09), At His Manhattan Home At The Age Of 92.

Walter Cronkite Thursday 23rd July 2009 Funeral service for celebrated newsman Walter Cronkite at St. Bartholomew's church. Cronkite, who reported from around the world and once was known as 'the most trusted man in America', died last Friday, (17Jul09), at his Manhattan home at the age of 92. New York City, USA

Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite

Opening Night Of The New Mel Brooks Musical 'Young Frankenstein' At The Hilton Theatre - Arrivals

Walter Cronkite and Mel Brooks - Walter Cronkite & Joanna Simon New York City, USA - Opening Night of the new Mel Brooks musical 'Young Frankenstein' at the Hilton Theatre - Arrivals Thursday 8th November 2007

Walter Cronkite and Mel Brooks
Walter Cronkite

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Double Take Movie Review

Hitchcock fans and die-hard moviegoers will enjoy this offbeat collage-style movie, which is expertly assembled...

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