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Disney/dali Film Collaboration To Be Screened 60 Years Late

19th January 2007

A film by animator WALT DISNEY and Spanish artist SALVADOR DALI is to receive its British premiere this summer (07) after finally being completed six decades after it was started. DESTINO, a six-minute animation showing...

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Disney Rewards Iger For Strong Year

15th January 2007

The Walt Disney Co. has rewarded CEO Robert Iger for leading a company resurgence over the past year by making him one of the highest-paid CEOs in the U.S. According to SEC filings, Iger received...

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Scooby-doo Animator Takamoto Dead At 81

9th January 2007

Iwao Takamoto, an animator who learned his craft at the Walt Disney studios after being released from the Manzanar internment camp after World War II, then went to work for Hanna-Barbera, where he created Scooby-Doo,...

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Disney Gives Website A Makeover

9th January 2007

The Walt Disney Co. has unveiled a completely revamped website that emphasizes video and allows users to customize the look of the site and play video games based on the company's movies, but it conspicuously...

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Pixar Rides Coming To Disney Theme Parks

5th January 2007

There was no mention of the much-rumored plan to turn Tom Sawyer's Island into a Pirates of the Caribbean Island, but the Walt Disney Company did outline a number of planned additions to its theme...

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San Francisco Isp Shuts Down Website After Disney Complaint

5th January 2007

An Internet service provider in San Francisco has shut down a website that posted recorded excerpts by right-wing talk-show hosts on ABC affiliate KSFO in which they endorsed torture of Iraqi prisoners, called for the...

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Disney's Theme-park Biz Picks Up -- And How!

28th December 2006

The Walt Disney Co., which saw attendance at its theme parks plunge following the 9/11 attacks and only recently begin to rise again, got good news and bad on Wednesday. Crowds wanting to get into...

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Disney Returning To 2-D Only, Says Report

19th December 2006

John Lasseter and Ed Catmull are planning to return the Walt Disney Co.'s studios in Burbank to its roots as a "traditional" (hand-drawn) animation company exclusively, while Pixar will continue to turn out computer-animated (CG)...

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Cartoons Make A Comeback

5th December 2006

Cartoon shorts, once a staple of movie shows (they gradually faded away following the advance of television in the 1950s), are being revived by the Walt Disney Co. under the prodding of Pixar's John Lasseter,...

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Disney Narrows Window For Pay-per-view

23rd November 2006

Confirming widespread rumors, the Walt Disney Co. said on Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, to release its movies on pay-per-view TV as soon as 15 days...

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Target And Disney Call Truce

20th November 2006

Target and the Walt Disney Co. have apparently reached a cease-fire agreement in their battle over DVD pricing. Target had begun taking down some signs advertising Disney DVDs and moving others to unfavorable locations after...

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Disney Rides Pirates' Wave

10th November 2006

That "dead man's chest" was packed with treasure for the Walt Disney Co., which said Thursday that its profit had more than doubled during the last quarter, mostly because of the success of its movie...

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Christmas Season Starts This Weekend At Box Office

3rd November 2006

The Walt Disney Co. is hoping that Santa Claus will be clambering down the box-office's chimney this weekend to find family audiences waiting to greet him. But The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause doesn't...

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Disney To Sell Its Stake In E!

1st November 2006

The Walt Disney Co. will sell its 39.5-percent stake in E! Entertainment Channel to Comcast for $1.2 billion as part of a larger deal covering license-fee renewals for Disney's ESPN cable sports network, the Disney...

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Disney Shows Support For Gibson

26th October 2006

The Walt Disney Co. said Wednesday that it believes that Mel Gibson's latest directorial effort, Apocalypto, will have broad audience appeal that will overcome the recent controversy surrounding his recent arrest and subsequent anti-Semitic remarks....

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Abc's Ugly Betty Gets Exposure On Soapnet

23rd October 2006

ABC has found a way to "repurpose" yet another one of its primetime shows. On Saturday, it aired a rerun of the new hit series Ugly Betty on cable's SOAPnet, which, like the broadcast network...

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Disney Finds Musical For Nemo

19th October 2006

The Walt Disney Co. has announced plans to turn another one of its animated film hits into a Broadway musical. Finding Nemo, the 2003 feature produced by Pixar Animation, now a unit of the entertainment...

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Disney To Become Picture Of Health

17th October 2006

The Walt Disney Co. on Monday announced a company-wide campaign to end promotions of unhealthful foods to kids and eliminate sales of such food in its theme parks. Responding to warning of a national epidemic...

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Mermaid Swims To The Top

12th October 2006

Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid, which was yanked from DVD shelves seven years ago to comply with Disney policy on animated fare, returned to them again last week and was quickly grabbed up in massive...

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Two More Studios To Make Films Available On Itunes?

11th October 2006

Two more studios are expected to join the Walt Disney Co. in selling movie downloads through Apple's iTunes store after the beginning of the year, according to Gene Munster, an analyst with research and investment...

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Tom Sawyer's Eye Is On The Sparrow

11th October 2006

The Walt Disney Co.'s Disneyland theme park, which already has altered its Pirates of the Caribbean ride to include Captain Jack Sparrow, modeled after Johnny Depp's character in the Pirates movies, may now do away...

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Movie Reviews: School For Scoundrels

29th September 2006

Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who appeared to lose their legendary golden touch after they left Miramax, the company they founded, in the hands of the Walt Disney Co., have apparently not regained it with their...

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Fcc To Probe Kid-show Ads

28th September 2006

Responding to complaints that commercials on TV kids shows is contributing to a spreading epidemic of childhood obesity, the FCC has agreed to set up a task force to look into the issue and offer...

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Disney Testing New Theme-park Waters

21st September 2006

The Walt Disney Co. is planning to turn another one of its theme-park rides into a movie. Today's (Thursday) Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney Pictures is developing a film version of Jungle Cruise, one of...

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Itunes Is Apple Of Iger's I

20th September 2006

To use Variety's term, the first week of Apple's iTunes movie business produced "boffo" results for the Walt Disney Co., the only studio that has a deal with the computer company. Disney CEO Robert Iger...

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Moonves Says Abc Was "Partially Misled" By 9/11 Producers

13th September 2006

CBS Corp. Chairman Les Moonves added his voice to the controversy over rival ABC's miniseries The Path to 9/11. Speaking at a luncheon of the Hollywood Radio & TV Society in Beverly Hills. While remarking...

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Mobile Espn To Offer College Football On Cell Phones

31st August 2006

The Walt Disney Company's Mobile ESPN network plans to offer subscribers up to 25 college football games per month beginning Sept. 4 as part of its $25-per-month Total Sports Package. The Disney Co. has acknowledged...

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Feel-good Sports Movie Scores Touchdown

28th August 2006

The Walt Disney Co., whose formula for turning out successful inspirational sports movies ranks right up there with its formula for turning out successful cartoons, saw its latest football drama Invincible become, well, invincible at...

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Disney Will Distribute Gibson's Movie After All

14th August 2006

The Walt Disney Co. said Friday that it plans to fulfill its obligation to distribute Mel Gibson's Apocalypto and denied rumors that it had been shopping the movie around, hoping to find another film company...

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Disney Confirms Apocalypto Distribution

12th August 2006

Hollywood studio WALT DISNEY has confirmed it will distribute MEL GIBSON's upcoming movie APOCALYPTO, despite the controversy raging around the Australian actor/director. Gibson shocked the world when he aimed an anti-Semitic tirade at a Californian...

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