Wakey!Wakey! Taken by Victoria Jacob

Fresh from a successful week-long stint at SXSW 2014, Mike Grubbs from Brooklyn band Wakey!Wakey! reflects on his festival experiences as he continues to perform on the first leg of his 2014 North American tour.

The expansive Texas music festival proved to be another year of epic performances from bands both up-and-coming and already established. While Grubbs' band Wakey!Wakey! falls into the latter category, it's clear that that festive atmosphere isn't something you get used to easily. 'Festivals are just always a surprise; you never know what's going to happen', he insisted in an interview video. 'It's like the ultimate training ground for a musician. If you can survive a festival and you can go and play a good show, then you're in the right field.'

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