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Voivod Wait For Injured Newsted

Voivod Metallica Jason Newsted Rock Star

Heavy rockers Voivod are so thrilled to land former Metallica star Jason Newsted as a guest on their new album, they've shelved release plans to allow the bassist to recover after hurting his arm in a freak accident.
Newsted reportedly tore his bicep and rotator cuff trying to catch a bass that had fallen off an amplifier last October (06), forcing him to pull out of a tour with supergroup Rock Star: SUPERNOVA.
But he is on the mend and will record his bass lines separately to Voivod.
Drummer MICHEL LANGEVIN (corr) says, "He needs time to recover from the surgery he had."

Rock Band Granted Injunction In Battle With Supernova Show

CBS Rock Star Motley Crue Tommy Lee Voivod Jason Newsted Inxs Michael Hutchence

A Californian rock band yesterday (12SEP06) won a preliminary injunction against producer MARK BURNETT and US TV network CBS, who have been told they must stop using the group's name SUPERNOVA for a band being formed on reality television show Rock Star: SUPERNOVA.
Supernova are best known for contributing the song CHEWBACCA to the cult 1994 KEVIN SMITH movie CLERKS. They filed for an injunction in August (06) in the US District Court in San Diego, California after the collapse of settlement talks, which followed the June (06) filing of a lawsuit on the matter.
Judge JOHN HOUSTON barred the TV band - comprising Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Voivod bassist Jason Newsted, ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist GILBY CLARKE and an as-yet-unknown vocalist - from "performing rock and roll music, or recording, or selling rock and roll music recordings under the same (name), pending a trial of this action on its merits, or until otherwise ordered by the court".
Rock Star: Supernova follows the success of ROCK STAR: Inxs, which saw the Australian band pluck JD FORTUNE from obscurity to replace late frontman Michael Hutchence.
The band formed on Rock Star: Supernova is set to tour the US from to December 2006 to February 2007.

Voivod Stars Struggle To Watch Bandmate Die


Voivod frontman DENIS BELANGER struggled to come to terms with bandmate DENIS 'PIGGY' D'AMOUR's 2005 cancer battle - because he couldn't bear to see his pal looking so ill.
D'Amour was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and lost his battle in August (05) - just after completing work on his final Voivod album KATORZ, which has just been released.
And bandmate Belanger admits his final months were tough on everyone.
The singer says, "At one point I didn't see him for 10 days and when I saw him again he was so skinny. I realised he was not gonna make it. When I was going home, I was crying in the car and I had to pull over because I couldn't drive anymore.
"I can't think of anything that's worse than seeing your best friend going down day by day. It's horrible."
Meanwhile, bandmate MICHEL LANGEVIN reveals D'Amour was so determined to complete his final Voivod album he competed in a race against time to record his last guitar parts.
The drummer couldn't bring himself to listen to his pal's last recordings until weeks after he died, but he admits the effort the guitarist made, while staring death in the face, gave him the will to complete the album.
He adds, "Piggy had done double rhythm guitar, solos, and fills on every track. It gave me the boost to pursue it and finish it up, even though it's probably the most challenging thing I've done in my life."

Voivod Soldier On After Guitarist's Death


Canadian metal band Voivod found recording their first album following the death of guitarist DENIS 'PIGGY' D'AMOUR last August (05), to be like "therapy".
Frontman DENIS 'SNAKE' BELANGER admits it was so difficult entering the studio to record new disc KATORZ without D'Amour, the band considered splitting up.
Piggy recorded his guitar parts on the new album before his death.
Belanger says, "We we started recording, we really felt Piggy's absence. He used to supervise every step of the process and was such a big part of Voivod.
"As we were recording, it was like therapy for us. Talking about him now is difficult.
"We did think about giving up. Nothing had meaning or felt important anymore. But when we heard the recording, we knew we had to fulfil Piggy's wishes.
"We feel like we've transcended death."

Voivod's Piggy Dies At 45

Voivod Pain Jason Newsted

Heavy rocker DENIS D'AMOUR lost his battle with colon cancer on Friday (26AUG05) in a Montreal, Canada, hospital. He was 45.

The Voivod guitarist, who was known as PIGGY by fans, was one of the founders of the group - one of Canada's first thrash metal acts.

The group's best-selling albums include WAR + Pain, NOTHINGFACE and KILLING TECHNOLOGY.

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Newsted Rocks For The Kids

Metallica Ozzy Osbourne Jason Newsted Voivod

Former Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne bassist Jason Newsted is playing music for the kids - after agreeing to record an album of songs composed by elementary school children.

The rocker's new group Voivod and friends will record tracks on LITTLE KIDS, BIG FANS: STARS UNITED FOR MUSIC EDUCATION.

The idea was sparked when one youngster, TRISTAN TROUPE, wrote a track called YODA after a school visit to a Voivod recording session. The group now plans to record the tune for their upcoming album.

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Ozzy Ignores Sars Scare And Hits Canada

Ozzy Osbourne Jason Newsted Voivod Ozzfest

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is preparing to tour Canada from Sunday (01JUN03) - despite the fear of SARS keeping other stars away.

The tour starts in the west coast city of Vancouver, reaching Toronto - the major source of SARS concern - on 11 June (03).

The tour will be Ozzy's first with new bass player Jason Newsted, who will pull double duty with his 'other' band, Canada's Voivod.

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