Vivian Girls live review from Nottingham Bodega Social on December 4th 2008. Looking around the room at people wrapped up more for an outdoor vacation somewhere like Alaska or at least on the blustery sea front of Blackpool immediately brings the notion of "wind" to mind, as in the one of change. It certainly seems to have affected tonight's opening act Nephu Huzzband, a Nottingham based four-piece who over the past year have morphed from the comfortable confines of Bunnymen/Chameleons-tinged post-punk (the riffs are still there, sporadically) to a spontaneous beast of Lovvers type proportions. Maybe it's a Nottingham thing, as singer Tom Bentley's enthusiastic and slightly manic forays into the front row are also eerily reminiscent of long gone but not forgotten local faves Seachange frontman Dan Easom. What they're lacking however is an identity of their own, both in presence and sound, but the signs are good that when that final discovery occurs, Nephu Huzzband have the potential to put themselves and this city back on the musical map.

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