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Stone Shows Thanks To Collaborators In Essay

15th March 2007

British soul star JOSS STONE has shown her gratitude to everyone who helped her with her new album - in a 7,000-word essay. The 19-year-old released her third LP INTRODUCING JOSS STONE this week (12MAR07),...

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Soccer Star Joins Sas For Movie Role

23rd February 2007

Former England soccer star PAUL GASCOIGNE has enlisted the help of the SAS to help him get in shape for his role in a new movie. Gascoigne will star alongside British actor RAY WINSTONE's daughter...

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Stone Hires Jones For New Album

21st February 2007

Soul singer JOSS STONE has confessed she has a surprise guest on her new album - former British soccer star VINNIE JONES. The 19-year-old Stone recruited the sportsman-turned-actor to speak during an interlude on her...

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Tara The Temptress

18th January 2007

AMERICAN PIE star TARA REID is to play a temptress in her brother's new movie, opposite sporting hard men VINNIE JONES and former American footballer EDDIE GEORGE. As the lead in HONESTLY, the actress will...

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Fascinating Fact 2674

9th January 2007

Menacing movie stars VINNIE JONES and MICHAEL MADSEN's new post-apocalyptic suspense thriller TOOTH + NAIL was shot at what was the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute....

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Lock Stock Star Defends The Ritchies

20th October 2006

Soccer star-turned-actor VINNIE JONES has leaped to the defence of director GUY RITCHIE and MADONNA's decision to adopt Malawi-born DAVID BANDA - insisting they "should be applauded". Jones first met Ritchie when they worked together...

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Vinne Jones Appeals Doping Verdict

2nd October 2006

Actor VINNIE JONES is demanding the prize money his greyhound won at the world's richest race - even though the dog proved positive for an illegal substance. The GONE IN 60 SECONDS actor is taking...

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Jones: 'I'll Never Return To England'

22nd September 2006

Soccer player-turned-actor VINNIE JONES will continue living in Los Angeles, because he finds his home country England too "stressful". The LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star finds life in California is more suited to...

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Vinnie Waits To Go Out Into The Woods

19th September 2006

Movie tough guy VINNIE JONES' London stage debut has been put on hold because some of his castmates have been unable to attend rehearsals. Producer PAUL SAVIDENT fears the production of the STEPHEN SONDHEIM musical...

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Vinnie Jones' Political Aspirations

12th September 2006

Screen hardman VINNIE JONES believes he would make the perfect politician because he came from a humble background before finding fame on the soccer pitch and in Hollywood. Despite his lowly beginnings, the X-MEN: THE...

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Ratner Reaches For The Stars

18th August 2006

Movie-maker BRETT RATNER is keen to turn his RUSH HOUR 3 movie into an all-star sequel after negotiating parts for his X-MEN: THE LAST STAND star SIR IAN MCKELLEN and former SEINFELD star MICHAEL RICHARDS....

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Vinnie Jones To Make Stage Debut

11th July 2006

Hollywood hardman VINNIE JONES will make his stage debut in a London production of the STEPHEN SONDHEIM musical INTO THE WOODS in October (06). The X-MEN: THE LAST STAND actor, who was a professional soccer...

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Jones Feared Alcohol Would Cost Him Career

26th June 2006

Hollywood hardman VINNIE JONES decided to quit alcohol because he feared drunken violent outbursts would wreck his acting career. Jones confesses he frequently lost his temper while under the influence of booze, and feels like...

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Jones Bites Back

26th June 2006

British hardman VINNIE JONES has excused his notoriously aggressive behaviour as a thirst for "excitement". The LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star is famed for his violent outbursts and was even fired from his...

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Carry On Comes Back

17th May 2006

Film-makers are resurrecting cult British comedy franchise CARRY ON for a 32nd movie starring VINNIE JONES, VICTORIA SILVSTEDT and British soap star SHANE RICHIE. The slapstick movies were hugely popular in the late 1950s, 1960s...

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Vinnie Jones Heads To Court Over Dog Drug Tests

23rd March 2006

British actor VINNIE JONES has been summoned to a court hearing in Ireland next month (APR06) to explain why his racing greyhound failed a drugs test. The SNATCH star and former soccer hardman will be...

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Ratner To Direct Wolverine?

20th March 2006

Hollywood film-maker BRETT RATNER is reportedly close to signing a deal to direct the X-MEN spin-off WOLVERINE, after impressing producers with his work on upcoming second sequel X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. The RUSH HOUR director...

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Vinnie: 'I'm Too Good For Hollywood'

13th March 2006

Screen and soccer star VINNIE JONES insists he is so good at his sport, he has to restrain his talents to give fellow players in showbiz team Hollywood United a chance. The LOCK, STOCK AND...

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Jones Set For Rush Hour 3

23rd January 2006

British tough guy VINNIE JONES is to team up with action film director BRETT RATNER on RUSH HOUR 3. The former soccer hardman was set for a central role in X-MEN 3 when Ratner...

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Jones: 'I Have No Time For Cheating Brook'

22nd January 2006

Screen hardman VINNIE JONES has slammed British actress KELLY BROOK for leaving her then lover JASON STATHAM for BILLY ZANE in 2004. The former soccer star was outraged by the way his LOCK, STOCK...

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Vinnie Jones In Hunting Row

16th January 2006

Hollywood hardman VINNIE JONES has been attacked by animal rights activists in the UK for glamorising blood sports. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has ordered Jones to stay away from the forthcoming National Coursing...

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Jolie Wants A Harder Bond Girl Image

16th November 2005

ANGELINA JOLIE will reportedly play JAMES BOND's leading lady in CASINO ROYALE - as long as writers can create her perfect character. Jolie will sign up as the latest Bond girl - opposite new...

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Winslet: 'I Want To Be In Extras Again'

4th November 2005

Actress KATE WINSLET has appealed to British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS for the chance to star in another episode of his hit comedy EXTRAS. The TITANIC star loved satirising her public persona for the first...

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Ritchie Angered By Jones' Revolver Snub

4th September 2005

Movie-maker GUY RITCHIE is locked in a secret rift with former pal VINNIE JONES, after the actor snubbed a role in his forthcoming gangster movie REVOLVER. Jones shot to fame in Ritchie's hit 1998...

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Ben Foster Joins X3

20th July 2005

Actor BEN FOSTER has been added to the cast of the anticipated third instalment in the X-MEN franchise. Foster, ex-boyfriend of KIRSTEN DUNST, will play the mutant ARCHANGEL in X3, which also features newcomers...

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Grammer To Play Blue Beast In X-men 3

18th May 2005

Fans of KELSEY GRAMMER are set to find him tough to recognise in his next project - he's playing a furry blue monster in the second X-MEN sequel. In X-MEN 3, the former FRASIER...

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Jones Joins X-men 3 Cast

18th April 2005

LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star VINNIE JONES is the latest star to join the cast of sequel X-MEN 3 - but he has to wear a rubber suit to boost his physique....

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Madonna's Marriage Success 'Down To Kabbalah'

28th January 2005

MADONNA's successful marriage to film-maker GUY RITCHIE is down to their devotion to studying the Kabbalah - according to close friend VINNIE JONES. Jones, who starred in Ritchie's LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS...

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Jones Hit By Financial Crisis

19th December 2004

Movie hard man VINNIE JONES has downgraded his $5.4 million (GBP3 million) house - following a string of financial disasters. The GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS actor has swapped his luxury mansion for a...

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Moss, Fry And Harvey Speak Out For Hunting

7th December 2004

Top British stars KATE MOSS, STEPHEN FRY and PJ HARVEY are joining forces to defend the sport of fox-hunting, despite the recent government decision to ban the pursuit. The traditional country event has long...

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