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Ebay Offers A Night With Vincent Gallo

7th February 2006

Internet auction site eBay is offering one of its strangest celebrity sales ever - a night with actor/director VINCENT GALLO for $50,000 (GBP27,800). The posting, which will remain on the site for another six...

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Yoko And Sean Stage Multi-media Performance

31st January 2006

Japanese artist YOKO ONO and her son SEAN LENNON are teaming up for a one-off multi-media performance in Paris, France. The widow of late BEATLE JOHN LENNON and her 30-year-old son will use art,...

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Gallo Offers Sperm For Sale

3rd November 2005

An internet site is offering controversial film maker VINCENT GALLO's sperm for sale for $1 million (GBP550,000). - which calls itself "the official website for Vincent Gallo merchandise" - includes a detailed agreement...

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Sevigny: '9 Songs More Explicit Than Brown Bunny'

1st November 2005

CHLOE SEVIGNY was shocked by the media reaction to last year's (04) explicit film 9 SONGS, after the furore surrounding her fellatio scene in BROWN BUNNY. Sevigny and her ex-boyfriend VINCENT GALLO hit the...

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Gallo's Death Wishes

26th April 2005

Eccentric movie star and director VINCENT GALLO wants his obituary raised on a billboard overlooking Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles when he dies. The BROWN BUNNY director and star upset Sunset Boulevard officials by...

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Yoko To Headline All Tomorrow's Parties

15th April 2005

YOKO ONO will join PJ HARVEY at Britain's upcoming ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES festival held at the Camber Sands holiday resort. The widow of JOHN LENNON has been announced as the surprise guest at the...

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All-star Cast Set For Lennon Adaptation

29th March 2005

A host of stars including LIV TYLER, VAL KILMER, VINCENT GALLO and ASIA ARGENTO are vying for roles in SEAN LENNON's film adaptation of Japanese book COIN LOCKER BABIES. Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's youngest...

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Sevigny Goes Mainstream

17th March 2005

Cult actress CHLOE SEVIGNY wants to go mainstream, and is lobbying for a role in SPIDER-MAN 3. Sevigny's impressive resume is mainly made up of high-brow hits and daring independent movies - she won...

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Stars Line Up For Movie By John Lennon's Son

16th March 2005

A screenplay penned by JOHN LENNON's son SEAN has generated interest from VINCENT GALLO, LIV TYLER and ASIA ARGENTO, who are all vying for roles in the independent movie. Sean served as one of...

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Sevigny Desperate For Big Break

7th February 2005

CHLOE SEVIGNY is desperate to shake off her independent movie image and star in blockbuster Hollywood comedies. The 30-year-old, renowned for her role alongside VINCENT GALLO in THE BROWN BUNNY, would love to perform...

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Critic Forgives Gallo For Cancer Hex

4th February 2005

Movie critic ROGER EBERT has forgiven cult director VINCENT GALLO for wishing cancer on him. The 42-year-old lashed out at Ebert after he labelled Gallo's controversial film THE BUNNY BROWN a complete flop....

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Dunst Responds To Gallo's 'Witch' Claims

24th January 2005

LATEST: Hollywood star KIRSTEN DUNST has slammed film-maker VINCENT GALLO's cruel remarks about her, after he attacked her for pulling out of his controversial flop film BROWN BUNNY. The SPIDER-MAN actress was set to...

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Gallo Blasts Dunst's Brown Bunny Decision

17th January 2005

KIRSTEN DUNST has been slammed by cult film-maker VINCENT GALLO for pulling out of a movie featuring unsimulated oral sex - just before shooting was due to start. The SPIDER-MAN actress had committed to...

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Ramone Never Intended To Include Mother In Will, Says Gallo

28th December 2004

LATEST: Cult film-maker VINCENT GALLO has defended JOHNNY RAMONE's widow LINDA CUMMINGS over claims she altered her husband's will. The outspoken actor and director says the RAMONES star - real name JOHN CUMMINGS -...

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Gallo Upset Over Poster Controversy

27th August 2004

LATEST: Movie star VINCENT GALLO is upset his controversial poster for new movie BROWN BUNNY has been stripped down from its Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, billboard - because he thought it was "beautiful." The huge...

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Sevigny Defends The Brown Bunny Again

24th August 2004

Actress CHLOE SEVIGNY insists her graphic sex scene in the upcoming movie THE BROWN BUNNY will make "more sense" when audiences get to see it. The movie has provoked outrage because it features a...

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Gallo's Birdseye View Into Jackman's Private Life

18th August 2004

Eccentric movie star VINCENT GALLO is urging neighbour HUGH JACKMAN to close his curtains because he's beginning to enjoy a bird's eye view of the Aussie actor's homelife. The BUFFALO 66 star recently moved...

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Gallo Goes To War With Gossip Columnist

18th August 2004

Much-maligned movie star VINCENT GALLO has taken to firing offensive insults at newspaper gossips because he's sick of them inventing stories about him. The BUFFALO 66 star is particularly upset with New York gossip...

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Gallo Regrets Roger Ebert Curse

18th August 2004

Actor VINCENT GALLO regrets putting a curse on film critic ROGER EBERT - because the hex almost came true. Upset by Ebert's scathing review of his controversial BROWN BUNNY film, Gallo cursed the critic's...

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Brown Bunny Poster Disappears

9th August 2004

A controversial movie poster showing CHLOE SEVIGNY performing oral sex on her BROWN BUNNY co-star VINCENT GALLO has been taken down from Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard. The film caused a storm when it was screened...

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Outrage Over Brown Bunny Sex Poster

5th August 2004

Community leaders in Los Angeles are fuming after a giant poster was erected in Hollywood showing CHLOE SEVIGNY performing oral sex on BROWN BUNNY co-star VINCENT GALLO. The 18 metre (60 feet) poster has...

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Ricci's Traumatic Gallo Memories

13th July 2004

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI has vowed never to work with controversial actor VINCENT GALLO again, because their partnership in BUFFALO '66 left her so traumatised. Sexy Ricci teamed up with Gallo - who caused shockwaves...

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Gallo Blasts 'Good Will' Of Celebrities

12th March 2004

Controversial actor VINCENT GALLO has launched a bitter assault on stars who chose to arrive at last month's (29FEB04) OSCARS in environmentally-friendly cars - claiming their worldly concerns are fake. The BUFFALO '66 star...

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Sevigny Hits Back At Agency Claims

5th January 2004

LATEST: Hollywood actress CHLOE SEVIGNY has rubbished reports she was dumped by the WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY after performing a sex act on screen - saying it was she who ended their association. The 29-year-old...

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Chloe Sevigny Dropped By William Morris

5th January 2004

Movie actress CHLOE SEVIGNY has been dumped by the WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY, because of her unsimulated oral sex scene in controversial movie BROWN BUNNY. The 29-year-old star shocked audiences earlier this year (03) when...

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Gallo Blasts Buffalo Lawmakers Over Sister's Conviction

11th December 2003

Eccentric actor VINCENT GALLO has slammed his home town of Buffalo, New York, after his sister was incarcerated by local police for helping an abused child. The BUFFALO 66 director and star is furious...

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Gallo's Brown Bunny In Shock Award Win

30th October 2003

Maverick director VINCENT GALLO's critically mauled movie BROWN BUNNY has scooped the VIENNA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL's top award. Eccentric Gallo - who is seen having oral sex performed on him by co-star CHLOE SEVIGNY...

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Chloe Sevigny Defends 'The Brown Bunny' Oral Sex Scene

By Steven Williams | 13th October 2003

Chloe Sevigny has received strong backlash towards her recent film 'The Brown Bunny', after critics attacked her over an oral sex scene. The actress is upset by the critical response to the scene between her...

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Vincent Gallo Insists On Unflattering Photograph

21st August 2003

Eccentric auteur VINCENT GALLO has complained to American gossip site PAGE SIX - because they used pleasant photographs of him. The BROWN BUNNY director was in the news recently for placing a "cancer curse"...

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Gallo In Ebert Cancer Outburst

12th August 2003

Filmmaker VINCENT GALLO has shocked American newspaper THE NEW YORK POST by calling them to gloat about giving movie critic ROGER EBERT cancer. The eccentric director and actor was furious when acclaimed critic Ebert...

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