Rocker Vince Neil has shot down reports he owes over $1 million (£667,000) in unpaid taxes, insisting his payments with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are "satisfied and settled."
The Motley Crue frontman, who is due to serve 15 days behind bars later this month (Feb11), had reportedly fallen behind on his taxes and was being chased by U.S. federal authorities for debts amounting to $1,111,221 (£740,800).
Now Neil has brushed off the speculation, revealing he has had previous tax issues, due to accounting errors, but he's adamant he has now satisfied the IRS' requests after striking a deal with them.
He tells the Las Vegas Weekly, "There's no lien on my house. I haven't heard one thing about that. I think I'd have known about it if it goes back to April of last year. (The report is) rubbish, definitely rubbish.
"In the past, I've had tax problems like a lot of other people, especially entertainers. But there's no liens - nothing like that. I got screwed by some people a few years ago, and my accountants then messed up the way it was treated. It left me with a tax bill, but I satisfied the IRS in a deal where I pay them what they want. It's life, unfortunately, but all satisfied and settled."
Last week (26Jan11), Neil pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, stemming from an arrest in Las Vegas in June (10).
He is due to surrender to authorities at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada on 15 February (11), a week after his 50th birthday.