Rocker Vince Neil has a string of Motley Crue dates to look forward to when he's released from prison later this month (Feb11) - including one that will take him to Argentina.
The frontman has been ordered to surrender to officials in Las Vegas on 15 February (11) and serve a 15-day sentence on a DUI charge - but he's already making travel plans for when he's a free man.
Motley Crue will perform at Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas in Buenos Aires on 19 and 20 May (11).
The group will also be among the artists performing at the Bamboozle festival in New Jersey on 29 April (11) - and they're heading to Mexico for three dates in May (11).
Talking about his DUI shame, Neil recently told, "I made a mistake, and I have to finally learn my lesson and go do a little bit of time. I've already learned my lesson. I just have to move on and get past it and get it behind me."