Since this is making the fest circuit right now and already getting a very nice audience and critical response, it's likely that Alvarez and Cruz will be coming to a theatre near you some father's day in the not-too-distant future. And, if you have that special relationship with your father that says "Dad, you're an asshole," then Alvarez and Cruz might just be the art-house indie to watch with your folks... provided you're a truly bitter person.

Taking on a subject not touched in cinema all too often -- that of complete antipathy between father and son where it is the father who is portrayed in a negative light, Alvarez and Cruz will most likely be regarded as an exceptionally brave film to be such a slap in the face of the nuclear family (which it is). In fact, Alvarez and Cruz spits at so many of our nicely held illusions of Hollywood happiness that it will probably become yet another film that gets a distributor, gets a theatre release for about three weeks, and then goes to that dusty video shelf of fest-circuit also-rans.

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