Vin Diesel may have just revealed what his next big movie project is. The Hollywood star, who recently voiced the human-like tree Groot in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ recently implied he is involved in another Marvel franchise.

Vin Diesel
Diesel has hinted several times about possibly starring in 'Inhumans'

On Sunday (Dec 28th) Diesel took to Facebook and posted a photograph of himself sporting a black vest with the "Inhumans" logo on the chest, as well as the message "Are you Inhuman?" in the background.

However, this isn’t the first time the 47-year-old actor showed interest in this particular role. This past August he once again posted a message on the social media site that read, "I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha."

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An upcoming movie based on the Marvel comic ‘Inhumans’ is currently in the works, and is slated to hit theatres on Nov. 28, 2018. No casting announcements have been made as of yet, but Diesel would be able to appear in two Marvel franchises as he only uses his voice in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

‘Inhumans,’ which debuted in a 1965 issue of ‘Fantastic Four,’ follows a group of superhumans who are led by Black Bolt, whose greatest weapon is his own voice, therefore he has trained himself not to speak – even in sleep – to avoid the dangers he may inflict upon others.

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If Diesel lands the role of Black Bolt, he would have gone from a speaking-only role to one that's everything but, thus minimizing any issues Marvel may have with him starring in two franchises.

Other characters include Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad and Lockjaw.