Fresh from his critically-acclaimed smash Fast And Furious 6 (I know, I know, we were just as surprised as you were,) Vin Diesel is back for another bout of hard action cinematography with the return of the Chronicles of Riddick series. Riddick is the third in the series, and first to go to cinema since 2004's eponymously titled film.

Watch the Riddick trailer

So the story goes that Riddick, who has been left for dead on a burning planet (not for the first time - he says that as some sort of punchline, we think,) is once again under attack from a bunch of folks who, unlike him, can't see in the dark. Given that the trailer would suggest a lot of the action does indeed take place in the dark then we reckon there's only going to be one winner here.

Except, there seems to be something else keeping them company on this planet, something that looks set to change the course of the movie completely. Oo-er. The whole thing is a subtext for Riddick to save his home planet Furya. Let's hope he does, we don't fancy waiting another nine years to find out.

Vin Diesel
Big thumbs up from Vin Diesel