On paper Fast And Furious 6 is the trashy alternative to the high budget action thrillers of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, but at the box office it looks like it’s going to reel them in this weekend as it opens with a surprising run of positive reviews and a surprisingly loyal fan base meaning that Vin Diesel and co. are set to come up trumps.

So why is it going to do so well so far into its series? "'Fast & Furious 6' arrives on the scene packing more punch than any franchise rightfully should on its sixth lap," Exhibitor Relations senior box-office analyst Jeff Bock told MTV News. "But this isn't your average Part 6, is it? '2 Fast 2 Furious' didn't have Vin Diesel and 'Tokyo Drift' didn't have either of the stars, so '6' really is '4' with Paul Walker and Diesel."

He continued "While '6' usually translates to franchise fatigue, this series doesn't play by the rules, and Universal has done a great job beefing up each installment," he continued. "In 'Fast Five,' they added Dwayne Johnson and in '6' they brought Michelle Rodriguez's character back from the dead. Plus, instead of a car-racing series, 'Fast & Furious' has morphed into a heist-film franchise, extending its audience and lengthening its play-ability." So there you go. We look forward to Fast And Furious 18 in 2050.

Vin DieselMichelle Rodriguez
Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are set to top the box office this weekend.