Films are supposed to be long dead in the water by their sixth franchise, but the Fast And Furious franchise has never been one to follow the trends that others have. Fast And Furious 6 absolutely stormed the US Box Office over the weekend, taking a whopping $120 million from Friday through to Monday on its opening weekend, to wipe out supposed big hitters The Hangover III, The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and many more.

Just so you get a grasp on how successful that figure is for the Vin Diesel-starring movie; Fast And Furious 6’s $120 million in takings puts it second behind the aforementioned Iron Man 3 as the biggest opening film for 2013. It’s now reaching around $300 million at the global box office, and is confounding expectations on the critical front too, with a slew of decent reviews in from the US press in particular. It is Universal Pictures most successful opening for one of their studio’s films ever. Baffling.

Let’s have a word on The Hangover III too. The third installment in the Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis-starring  goof-‘em-up comedy proved to be the weakest, clocking in just $55 million at the US Box Office, some way down on the $135 that the first film attracted. Looks like you called the righ time to chuck in the towel we reckon, Todd Philips.

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Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel - one of the most bankable stars going?

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock's not doing too badly this year either mind