Village People star Victor Willis has settled a lawsuit against the organisers of a college football half-time concert, which featured an offshoot of the Y.M.C.A hitmakers.
Willis, the original lead singer of the Village People, insisted a group using the band's name had no right to include his image while performing under the moniker at the 2009 Brut Sun Bowl half-time show, which was broadcast across America at the beginning of the year.
His lawsuit alleged the Sun Bowl Association and promoters Helen of Troy and the Sixuvus used his voice and image in a manner that "led the public to believe that Victor Willis would be performing at the Sun Bowl half-time show."
The terms of the settlement are confidential but the Sun Bowl and Helen of Troy has agreed to the use of a public disclaimer on any future advertisements should they ever book the Village People in the future.
Willis' spokeswoman Linda Smith tells WENN, "Victor is an avid sports fan and loves the Sun Bowl. He is therefore happy the suit is amicably resolved. But he does not want some group who are not the original Village People, using his voice and image to promote their shows.
Willis has not performed with the Village People since 1984.