Viggo Mortensen has assured fans he has no plans to retire from the movie business - explaining he was just trying to be honest in a recent interview.
The Lord of The Rings star had devotees worried new movie The Road would be his last when he told Men's Journal magazine he was planning a long break away from Hollywood - and suggested he may never return.
He said, "I have no plans to do another movie. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm open to seeing how I feel in a while, but right now I'm not saying yes to anything."
He added, "My agent is like, 'Well, if you don't do anything, people will forget about you...' I just feel like I've taken on too much for a while."
But Mortensen insists he never meant to imply he was planning to quit acting.
He tells WENN, "I know people are reading about that on the Internet. People just asked me if I had another movie lined up and I was honest and I said, 'No, not yet.'
"I guess most actors lie and say, 'Oh, I have 12 projects, but I can’t really disclose them.' At least they didn’t say I died!"