When 09.05.2013

In an interview with 'The Kings of Summer' stars Moises Arias, Nick Robinson and Gabriel Basso, the actors discuss their favourite scenes in the movie and just why they think people should go out and see the movie.

Moises says 'the pipe scene' in the woods was his favourite. 'We started just banging on the pipe and then it kinda evolved to me jumping on top of the pipe and. just doing tribal screams and dances.. It turned into the backbone of the story', he says. Nick, on the other hand, most enjoyed the 'cliff-jumping' which he gestured to on the movie poster behind him. 'It was just an awesome day, it was really hot out so it just felt so good to jump off into the water', he recalls. On why people should see the film, Gabriel says: 'I just think that people are used to being forcefed these movies that are just CGI orgies on the screen, it's a little overwhelming and I think this is independent filmmaking at its finest.'