When 07.02.2013

A protestor is seen taking to the runway at the Adidas NEO Label Launch in New York City. He throws what looks like pamphlets into the audience before being escorted out by security. Outside, a group of demonstrators hold up a banner reading 'Selena: Don't be an ambassador for sweatshops USAS [United Students Against Sweatshops]' after Selena Gomez became the brand's partner.

One photographer tells the group that should 'chant or something' before another suggests one of them talk to the press. A student from Northeastern University in Boston called Claire Lewis agrees and explains that they wish to 'cut ties with Adidas' because the brand 'refuse to pay severance' to the workers in Indonesia that made the clothes for more than a decade. 'Two of these workers are here today, Aslam and Heni, they're also available for interviews', she said. The protestors are moved away for blocking the exit by security and they start chanting 'Adidas, step off it! Put people over profits!'