When 01.12.2012

Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly gets out of her car outside a bar and points to a plastic bottle on the pavement. 'Are you not gonna recycle the bottle?' she says to the photographers. A man passing picks it up and hands it over to her. She introduces the paparazzi to her 'girlfriend' Hannah who she kisses on the mouth. When asked to do it again she refuses and says, 'We only do it for each other'.

She gives the plastic bottle to a photographer and walks hand in hand with her friend to the bar entrance. She exclaims that she wants diamonds for Christmas and Hannah reveals she's taking Ashley to Hawaii for the holidays. Ashley, who appears to be a little inebriated, also mentions that her actor ex-boyfriend Lane Garrison 'has a small d***' before approaching the door. She is asked her thoughts on Angus T Jones leaving comedy show 'Two and a Half Men'. 'I think it's great because he needs to move on, he's such a young kid', she says.