When 07.05.2012

Patricia Krentcil, the woman who was nicknamed in the media recently as 'Tanning Mom', arrives at her New Jersey home and shouts angrily at photographers to leave her alone. When being asked what she thought of Saturday Night Live, she said "I already told you, I thought it was hysterical!"

Krentcil, 44, was recently accused of causing severe burns to her 5-year-old daughter by sneaking her into a tanning booth at a salon. She has pleaded not guilty to a child endangerment charge and claims her child got sunburnt outside. Saturday Night Live recently did a Patricia Krentcil interview spoof where Kristen Wiig painted herself orange and donned a leather jacket to portray her. One of the punchlines included Wiig putting a piece of bread between her thighs then removing it to reveal that it was toasted