When 05.10.2012

Haitian actor Jimmy Jean Louis discusses his new movie 'Toussaint Louverture' and his time on the set of 'Heroes' in an interview in Miami, Florida. He talks about how exhausting the filming was for the French biopic in which he plays the title character who was the leader of the Haitian Revolution. 'I'm in every single scene and it's a two part movie so it's three hours', he said. 'It was great I had to learn how to ride a horse, how to speak French from back in the day. with attitude.'

With his and his former role as The Haitian in the 'Heroes' action TV series, he suggests that he may becoming an 'ambassador' for Haiti; 'I was born to represent Haiti all around the world', he said. He also talks about how, although he has no preference for what genre of movie he most likes to be involved in, he is very drawn by movies with a 'message'.