When 20.07.2012

Whilst leaving a Beverly Hills medical building, 'Couples Therapy' counsellor Dr. Jenn Berman is asked about the break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She is asked if it was Tom's Scientologist religion that caused Katie to leave and she agrees that is was definitely a contributing factor. Alongside that, she thinks Katie's age was an element stating that: 'what's appealing to you when you're very young is not necessarily appealing to you when you hit your thirties.'

She is also asked if there is a significance of Tom's wife before Katie, Nicole Kidman, being 33 when she left and Katie also being 33. 'Women in their thirties tend to be in a place in their life where they really find themselves', she explains. 'They're not necessarily as easily influenced as they are in their twenties.' She then tells the paparazzi that she wants to take a picture of them so she can Tweet it