When 29.11.2012

Upcoming movie 'Note To Self's director Trey Haley, screenwriter Christian Keyes and star Morris Peterson attend a Q&A session on the day of the movie's screening in Miami. Trey is introduced as a director of five films including 'Perfect Combination' and another with Mike Jones for Warner Bros. 'He is an up-and-coming talent that you should all keep your eye out for', the introductory speaker says.

Professional NBA player Morris describes Christian in basketball terms. 'Christian's like our point guard', he says. 'We come to him because he knows all the plays, he knows where God's gonna be. And I use that to study for this and get ready for my role.' Christian explains that the script was complete fiction with no links to real life experiences. '99.9% of that was just all fiction. I thought it was time for a really cool college story to make us remember how fun it was and everything', he says and explains how his neighbours think he's 'crazy' because he reads his script out loud while writing it. Trey says that getting locations and actors was easy. 'You got friends who have locations', he says. '[And] you'd be surprised when you really think about it how many people you know that can get to people. People want to work, there is not a lot of African American actors working right now, they are looking for an opportunity.'