When 23.12.2012

Personal trainer Bob Harper from the US weight loss show 'The Biggest Loser' talks to photographers as he approaches a valet desk. They discuss the upcoming new season of the show after one photographer asks why fellow trainer Jillian Michaels described it as particularly challenging.

Bob says that Jillian, having been away from the show for two seasons, may not be used to being at work but agrees that it was challenging because 'it just took [the contestants] a little while to start putting all that effort into it that we wanted them to'. One paparazzo mentions that his girlfriend is 'huge' and asks if there's any way she can get a sure place on the show. After reprimanding him for referring to his girlfriend as 'huge' ('Does your girlfriend know you're calling her huge? Is that really nice in the holiday season?... I think we could find a different choice of words, right?'), Bob says there is no loophole: 'She's got to fill out that form, she's got to do the video just like everybody else.' He then adds, 'Tell her to just cry a lot.'