When 30.01.2013

Author Amy Wilentz talks about Wyclef Jean's first meeting the former Haiti President Rene Preval and the earthquake relief efforts at a Q & A at Books and Books in Coral Gables, Florida where she is signing her book 'Farewell, Fred Voodoo'.

She tells the story of how Preval, who is nearly a foot shorter than Wyclef, first approached him by striking up a conversation. 'Now Wyclef is thinking 'Come on!' and finally Wyclef says to the little guy, 'Y'know, I'm here to speak to President Preval', and the little guy looks up at him. and he says, 'I am President Preval!'' She says to rapturous laughter from her audience. She revealed that Preval himself told her that story, before touching on the subject of the disastrous earthquake relief efforts. 'I watched the process of recovery and I was reminded of something we all know very well from childhood which is 'to give is better than to receive'', she says. 'Now, I have to tell you I never ever believed this. but now it turns out it's true.'