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Lorraine A

Carly Simon - Touched By The Sun Video...A daring portrait of the realities of this life. Carly looked like a new born with the drippy hair or near dead with the washed out white/black photo effects. The lyrics speak of the importance of one getting near the fire, of games that need to be played to "get there" and of earning the right to live this life. The clip often shows the long road to the "horizon" and ends nicely with a table set for her near the shore. I assume that she is speaking of her public career as a singing star. Even with the serious note of the message, she reigns in the song like no other artist could. Spectacular! My personal interpretation of the refrain, "I wanna be one, one who is touched by the son.." when I sang along, was of the Son of God and man. Sincerely,Lorraine A.

2 years 2 months ago
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