Victoria Beckham, formerly known around the world as Posh Spice, is expected to give birth to a baby daughter this weekend. And on top of that, pals of the Beckham's say they think it would be "wonderful" if Prince William agreed to be godfather and CATHERINE MIDDLETON their godmother.

David Beckham and Prince William caught up at the British Consul-General's official residence this weekend, where Wills and Kate are staying for their three-day visit. The former England captain was overheard chatting to Wills, where he declared apologetically: "Victoria really wanted to come but she is just so tired at the moment. She sent you both lots of love. How was Canada? It looked amazing." To which Wills replied, "Don't be silly. Send her all our love and tell her good luck with it all." Victoria is expected to give birth today to her fourth child, and her first girl, David joked though that friends of the couple had already been contacting him with messages of congratulations on the birth, "I woke up on Wednesday to a ton of messages on my voicemail from my friends congratulating me on the birth of our daughter. I turned to Victoria and said, 'Did I miss something?'"

Cheryl Cole is expected to visit Victoria and her new born daughter while she is in Los Angeles. The two are famously close.