Victoria Beckham says it's essential to be able to move around in jeans.

The singer-turned-designer - who has become well respected in the fashion world with her upmarket clothing line and Victoria Beckham Denim range - says the perfect pair need to be well fitted without being too tight.

She told Teen Vogue: "Fit is very, very important. You want a jean that is super-flattering but also relatively practical. You need to be able to move around in it. When I wear a skinny jean. I like it to have a little bag around the knee and the ankle. It's more modern than something that is tight, tight, tight."

Victoria admits she's a perfectionist when it comes to her creations and works hard to achieve the right look.

Speaking about her denim, she said: "I spend a lot of time making sure we get it right with the wash because there's a big difference between something that looks authentic and something that looks like it's been made."

Despite her clothes being a hit with lots of celebrities - including Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Moore and Elle Macpherson - the mother-of-three says her designs only make the cut if they are something she would wear.

She said: "Everything that I design, I wear."

Victoria recently revealed how she only uses the "best materials" for her clothes.

She said: "I make no compromises. I use only the best materials and fiddle eternally with the cut. My true passion belongs to fashion."