Victoria Beckham wants to show at London Fashion Week.

The British fashion designer - whose first five collections have been showcased at the New York event - says she is keen to put on a show in her native country because she's very proud of her roots.

Victoria - who now lives in Los Angeles with her soccer star husband David Beckham and their three sons - said: "I love New York - what's not to love? But at some point I would love to show in London. It is my home. I never say never. I'm very proud to be British and the brand is British."

As well as showing at London Fashion Week, Victoria - who has won critical acclaim for all her previous collections - wants to make sure women feel good when wearing her designs and always tries them on herself before they become available to the public.

She said: "I'm a female designer and I'm designing for women. It's got to look good from all angles. I've been on that red carpet so I want to make a woman look good and feel the best. How I work is I put the dress on myself - I won't name names but some of my male designer friends do it too. I've been that celebrity and my aim is to make people look beautiful.

"I love what I do. I'm very passionate about what I do."