Victoria Beckham finds it hard to sleep before her fashion shows.

The 40-year-old singer-turned-fashion designer has admitted she barely slept at all ahead of her runway show at New York Fashion Week last Sunday (15.02.15), where she debuted her Autumn/Winter 2015 designs.

She said: ''I don't sleep very much in the run-up to the show - a few hours a night, and the night before it's touch-and-go whether there is any time to sleep at all.

''So this season my hours awake far exceeded those asleep!''

And to relax after the big event, Victoria enjoyed some food with her husband, David Beckham, before returning to the studio to celebrate the show's success with the team.

She said: ''I always go for a quick brunch with David and a couple of other people to wind down.

''Then I go back to the studio to raise a glass with the team who have worked so incredibly hard to bring the show to fruition.''

Even selecting the models ahead of the show can be stressful for Victoria, her stylist and her casting director but she has enjoyed seeing the ''same faces'' from some of her previous shows come back to work for her again.

Speaking about the auditions, she added to i-D magazine: ''It's an intensive process but together with my stylist and my casting director we look to find girls who personify the brand and the message of the season.

''Often it's about finding the right girl for a specific look but quite a few of the girls from this show have walked for me for a few seasons now, so it's nice to see the same faces coming back again and I'm always so happy to see them. They make the clothes look so great.''