Like America 150 years ago, today's China has sophisticated modern cities in the east and an untamed wild west where everyone seems to have a gun. Goddess of Mercy bounces between these two worlds, taking its indefatigable heroine An Xin (Vicky Zhao) on a journey with enough action, drama, and leading men to fill three movies. It's an operatic eyeful that has won much acclaim in Asia but appears on these shores without a theatrical release. DVD may have to suffice.

We first meet An Xin mopping up in the Beijing tae kwan do school where she works. Described as a "bumpkin" by the city slickers who practice there, she catches the eye of man-about-town Yang Rui (Yulong Liu), a young playboy who has a brand new Jeep, a Vuitton-obsessed girlfriend, and lots of cologne in his bathroom. It's love at first sight for Yang Rui, but An Xin brushes him aside saying she's not interested and hinting that she has many dark secrets. When he persists she even kicks him in the face, but she can't shake him, and soon she's succumbing to his charms as he swears off his gallivanting lifestyle.

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