Retiring Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez is breathing a sigh of relief after learning a lump on his liver is non-cancerous.

The 72 year old underwent surgery at a hospital in Houston, Texas on 23 October (12) - and he has since been given the good news he's not at risk of cancer.

His son, singer Alejandro Fernandez, broke the news to fans during his concert in Guadalajara, Mexico on Sunday (04Nov12), hours after hearing the results for himself.

He told the crowd, "Today I received good news, it's the best on the planet, they told us that the cyst is not malignant, that he's going to get better and everything's going to come out fine."

And Alejandro is feeling particularly thankful because doctors warned them that 95 per cent of cases "work out badly".

He added, "Do you know what made (up) the five per cent? God and faith and the love of all of you."

Vicente, who remains hospitalised in Houston, is now awaiting the results of further tests to determine the origin of the lump.