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Vera Farmiga (born 06.08.1973)
Vera Farmiga is an American actress.

Vera Farmiga: Childhood
Vera Farmiga was born in Clifton, New Jersey. Her parents are Mykhailo, a computer analyst, and Luba Farmiga, a teacher.
She was raised in a Ukrainian American community and attended a Ukrainian Catholic school in Newark before touring with a Ukrainian folk-dancing group called Syzokryli.
She later attended the Hunterdon Central Regional High School.
She originally wanted to be an ophthalmologist before attending Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Vera Farmiga: Acting career
Vera Farmiga began acting on stage in 1996 making her Broadway debut as an understudy in 'Taking Sides'.
Her first TV role was in the series 'Roar' alongside Heath Ledger in 1997, while her debut film appearance came with 'Return to Paradise' in 1998 with Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche and Joaquin Phoenix.
2000 saw her in the comedy 'Autumn in New York' alongside Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, while 2001 landed her with '15 Minutes' opposite Robert De Niro, 'Dust' opposite Joseph Fiennes, 'Snow White: The Fairest of Them All' with Miranda Richardson and TV series 'UC: Undercover'.
She landed her first starring role was in the romance 'Love in the Time of Money' in 2002. She later appeared alongside Milla Jovovich and Adrien Brody in the romcom 'Dummy' in 2003.
2004 saw her in 'Down to the Bone' with Hugh Dillon and 'The Manchurian Candidate' with Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep.
In 2006, she appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Departed'. The following year she and Sam Rockwell starred in psychological horror 'Joshua'.
In 2008, she was in 'Quid Pro Quo' with Nick Stahl and the holocaust book-to-film drama 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' with David Thewlis. She also starred in 'Nothing But the Truth' opposite Matt Dillon and Kate Beckinsale.
In 2009, she and Peter Sarsgaard were in the horror flick 'Orphan' and the major box office success 'Up in the Air' alongside George Clooney and Anna Kendrick which earned her an Academy Award nomination.
2010 saw her in the romcom 'Henry's Crime' opposite Keanu Reeves, while 2011 she appeared in 'Source Code' with Jake Gyllenhaal and made her directorial debut with the movie 'Higher Ground'.
In 2012 she starred alongside Aaron Eckhart, Rupert Grint and Chloe Grace Moretz in 'The Drummer' - a biopic about the life of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson - and in 2013 she began starring in the 'Psycho' spin-off series 'Bates Motel' based on Alfred Hitchcock's famous film.

Vera Farmiga: Personal life
Vera Farmiga married actor Sebastian Roche in 1997 but they got divorced in 2004.
She married Renn Hawkey in 2008 and they have a son called Fynn and a daughter called Gytta.

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The Judge Review

This generational drama strains so hard to be serious that it's almost laughable. Its big themes are only superficially addressed, while the bloated nearly two and a half hour running time could easily have been cut down simply by eliminating all of the emotive close-ups of actors with tears welling in their eyes. In other words, while there are the bare bones of a decent movie in here, it's been badly compromised to turn it into Oscar bait.

At least it starts well, with a sequence centred on Hank (Robert Downey Jr), a slick Chicago lawyer with a precocious daughter (Emma Tremblay) and an angry trophy wife (Sarah Lancaster) who has had enough. Hank's cold-hearted ways are a legacy of his estranged relationship with his father Joseph (Robert Duvall), the no-nonsense judge in a small-town Indiana town. Then Hank is called home when his mother dies, comforting his brothers Glen (Vincent D'Onofrio), whose injured hand ended his baseball career, and Dale (Jeremy Strong), who is mentally challenged. He also rekindles his youthful romance with waitress Sam (Vera Farmiga). Then Joseph is arrested for murder, and Hank steps in to help inexperienced lawyer CP (Dax Shepard) defend him against the shark-like prosecutor (Billy Bob Thornton).

There isn't a single subtle element in this film, as the script is carefully constructed to pull our sympathies back and forth even though both Hank and Joseph are deeply unlikeable grumps. Downey and Duvall are good enough actors to make them watchable, but director David Dobkin (The Change-up) hammers every sentimental scene home with far too much force. And the script is so simplistic that it chickens out before anything interesting happens. Even the court case lacks something compelling to draw the audience in. It certainly doesn't help that the characters are all deeply contrived. Just one example: there's a disability for each of the three brothers: physical, emotional and mental.

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Picture - Vera Farmiga - Toronto International... London United Kingdom, Friday 5th September 2014

Vera Farmiga - Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) - 'The Judge' - Premiere - London, United Kingdom - Friday 5th September 2014

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Robert Downey Jr was the star name on the opening night of the Toronto Film Festival even if his latest film, The Judge, hadn't exactly drummed up a mountain of anticipation. David Dobkin's drama stars Downey Jr as a lawyer who returns home when his father, a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect.

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"I hadn't had an opportunity to really dig in and do something like this in 20 years," Dobkin told the Canadian Press of his foray into drama. "There are a lot of intense scenes in the movie. You would think that comedies are more fun to work on and they're not always as fun as they come out. This movie was strangely cathartic."

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Picture - Vera Farmiga - San Diego... San Diego California United States, Friday 25th July 2014

Vera Farmiga - San Diego Comic-Con International - 'Bates Motel' - Press Room - San Diego, California, United States - Friday 25th July 2014

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