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Weiland Hits Back At Rose

13th March 2006

LATEST: VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND has unleashed a torrent of abuse on AXL ROSE, accusing the GUNS N' ROSES singer of trying to break up the supergroup. Rose recently claimed his former bandmate...

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Axl Sues Slash

8th March 2006

GUNS N' ROSES frontman AXL ROSE has filed a lawsuit against his former bandmate SLASH, seeking a federal judge's confirmation of the singer's ownership of his "own creative works". Rose's filing comes in response to...

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Velvet Revolver Plan 'Danceable' Album

2nd March 2006

US rockers VELVET REVOLVER are embracing a new direction on their forthcoming second album, and hope fans will be able to "dance" to it. The follow-up to the band's 2004 hit CONTRABAND, which has a...

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Fascinating Fact 1024

17th February 2006

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND is set to design a new clothing range for rock 'n' roll label Von Dutch....

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Velvet Revolver Frontman Inks Book Deal

8th February 2006

Rocker SCOTT WEILAND has signed a publishing deal with Scribner to release his autobiography. The VELVET REVOLVER frontman's book will cover his time in STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and his heroin addiction in the mid-1990s,...

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Rocker Sorum's Lost Cocaine Days

14th January 2006

Rocker MATT SORUM lost two days of his life while he was touring with GUNS N' ROSES after he was driven into the Venezuelan jungle in search of cocaine. The VELVET REVOLVER drummer got...

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Fascinating Fact 821

12th January 2006

VELVET REVOLVER rocker SLASH's wife PERLA FERRAR is a former Hustler porn model....

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Osbourne Orders Silicone Clone

21st November 2005

Hellraising rocker OZZY OSBOURNE is one of the first celebrities to order a life-size silicone clone of himself. The BLACK SABBATH frontman will be immortalised forever with the $10,800 (GBP6,000) life-like body double....

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Osbourne Releases All-star Tsunami Charity Single

18th October 2005

Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE has finally released the long-awaited all-star cover of ERIC CLAPTON's classic ballad TEARS IN HEAVEN to raise money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami (26DEC04). Sharon has enlisted the...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Lauper

11th October 2005

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND, reggae star SHAGGY, ANI DIFRANCO and TRAIN singer PAT MONAHAN will be among the eclectic mix of musicians paying tribute to CYNDI LAUPER on the next installment of the VH1...

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Maiden Manager Blasts Ozzfest Organisers And Alleges Sabotage

24th August 2005

LATEST: IRON MAIDEN's manager has blasted SHARON OSBOURNE and the organisers of the Ozzfest for allegedly sparking the near riot that ruined the British rockers' final night on the tour. The RUN TO THE...

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Ozzy's Wife Blasts Iron Maiden Singer For Anti-ozzfest Spirit

22nd August 2005

OZZY OSBOURNE's manager wife SHARON has blasted IRON MAIDEN frontman BRUCE DICKINSON for using the Ozzfest tour to poke fun at her husband. Osbourne claims Dickinson has spent the entire tour disrespecting Ozzy and...

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Magic Numbers Singer Not Recognised By Slash

12th August 2005

THE MAGIC NUMBERS frontman ROMEO STODART was overjoyed to meet his hero SLASH at an awards ceremony, but was disappointed the GUNS N' ROSES legend didn't know who he was. Up-and-coming rocker Stodart's band...

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Weiland Apologises To Germans Over Nazi Uniform Controversy

20th July 2005

LATEST: VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND has apologised to his German fans for the controversy surrounding the Nazi uniform he planned to wear at the band's recent German concerts. The German branch of Weiland's...

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Weiland Cleared Of Drug Charges

18th July 2005

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND is celebrating after a California judge dismissed a drug possession charge against him on Tuesday (12JUL05), because the rocker successfully completed the required stint in a rehabilitation centre. The...

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Led Zeppelin Voted Best 'Fantasy' Supergroup Of All Time

11th July 2005

All four members of LED ZEPPELIN have been voted as the ideal supergroup in a British poll to find the fantasy band - which ended up with the real band being nominated the dream rock...

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Weiland's Live 8 Limp

4th July 2005

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND performed at Live 8 in London on Saturday (02JUL05), despite badly spraining his ankle onstage in Denmark two nights before (30JUN05). The supergroup played a rousing set at the...

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Weiland Explains Nazi Uniform

8th June 2005

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND has been forced to change his Nazi stage costume in a bid to avoid arrest during the band's German tour dates. Weiland has been dressing as a Secret Service...

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Ozzy Defends Wicked Wisdom

8th June 2005

Rock veteran OZZY OSBOURNE has defended his decision to give JADA PINKETT-SMITH's band WICKED WISDOM a place on the OZZFEST tour - insisting he was "blown away" by the group. The BLACK SABBATH star...

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More Acts Added To Llve 8

1st June 2005

LATEST: More a-list music stars including SIR ELTON JOHN, MARIAH CAREY and TIM McGRAW have been added to the star-studded LIVE 8 charity concert line-ups. The five historic events are taking place on the...

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Weiland Hosts Retro Party For Wife

17th May 2005

VELVET REVOLVER frontman SCOTT WEILAND went back in time for his wife MARY's 30th birthday on Wednesday (11MAY05), when he hosted a PRETTY IN PINK-themed party for her. In line with America's prom season,...

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Mckagan Defies Critics With Success

20th April 2005

VELVET REVOLVER bassist DUFF McKAGAN is delighted to have proved his critics wrong after they branded his band as too self destructive to succeed. The former GUNS N' ROSES star's battle with alcohol addiction...

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Velvet Revolver Share Their Feelings

19th April 2005

VELVET REVOLVER have regular meetings to discuss any rifts or problems the bandmates might have, in a bid to keep the rock group mentally healthy. SLASH, DUFF McKAGAN, MATT SORUM, SCOTT WEILAND and DAVE...

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Duff: `I Helped Save Weiland's Marriage'

19th April 2005

Rocker DUFF McKAGAN credits his martial arts classes in remote Washington state for helping VELVET REVOLVER bandmate SCOTT WEILAND back to reality after a series of drug busts. The former GUNS N' ROSES star...

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Revolver Star Almost Fought Vanilla Ice

7th April 2005

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist DAVE KUSHNER almost got into a fight with universally derided rapper VANILLA ICE when he was a member of the ICE ICE BABY star's touring band, following a disagreement over money....

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Weiland Staying Clean

7th April 2005

Rocker SCOTT WEILAND is impressing lawmakers in Los Angeles so much with his new-found sobriety, they're set to dismiss the drug charges against him. The VELVET REVOLVER frontman has been in and out...

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Mckagan's Downward Drink And Drug Spiral

23rd March 2005

Rocker DUFF McKAGAN left his Seattle hometown to escape the heroin epidemic crippling the Washington city's music scene - only to become a hard drink and drug abuser with GUNS N' ROSES in Los Angeles....

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Revolver Star's Vanilla Ice Shame

17th March 2005

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist DAVE KUSHNER has jeopardised his rock credibility - by confessing he was once a member of critically-mauled rapper VANILLA ICE's touring band. Kushner is still mortified he agreed to work with...

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Weiland Recalls Drug-fuelled Days With Love

11th March 2005

VELVET REVOLVER rocker SCOTT WEILAND has recalled his "very entertaining" days of taking drugs with a scantily-clad COURTNEY LOVE in a new interview. In the latest issue of American magazine ESQUIRE, Weiland reflects on...

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Slash Gets His Hat Back

11th March 2005

VELVET REVOLVER rocker SLASH has his trademark hat back after a Los Angeles clothing company offered a $5,000 (GBP2,631) for it. The former GUNS N' ROSES star's top hat was stolen from a limousine...

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