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Ewan Mcgregor's Hazy Days On Velvet Goldmine Shoot

Ewan McGregor Velvet Goldmine

Ewan McGregor was left stunned by the outrageous antics on the set of his 1998 film Velvet Goldmine after film bosses allegedly offered drugs and champagne for an explicit orgy scene.

The actor won great acclaim for his role as Curt Wild in the film, playing the lover of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' flamboyant pop star character, Brian Slade.

MCGregor reveals the drama's hard-partying scenes were made more authentic after producers provided booze for the cast to indulge in.

He tells Attitude magazine, "There's a scene where we're shooting in this stately home. It was a post-orgy scene or something and I was lying between these two topless girls. I can't remember what it was all about but one guy was leaning against the door just having a soft w**k.

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Mcgregor To Play Kurt Cobain?

Ewan McGregor Nirvana Kurt Cobain Courtney Love McG Velvet Goldmine Gus Van Sant Michael Pitt

LATEST: Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is reportedly being lined up to play late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.
Cobain's widow Courtney Love has acquired the rights to CHARLES CROSS' celebrated biography on her late husband and MCGregor - who has already played a punk star in glam rock movie Velvet Goldmine - is believed to be Love's number one choice to play the troubled singer.
An insider on the planned movie tells British newspaper Daily Express, "A number of actors have been talked about the role but Ewan has emerged as the number one choice."
The project will be the first official film about the tragic rocker, who committed suicide in 1995, although moviemaker Gus Van Sant cast actor Michael Pitt as a Cobain lookalike in 2005 movie LAST DAYS.

Mcgregor's Naked Treat

Ewan McGregor Velvet Goldmine Young Adam

Ewan McGregor loves stripping off on film, and considers it a gift for his female fans.
The Scottish star has appeared naked in TRAINSPOTTING, Velvet Goldmine and Young Adam - and promises he'll peel off again.
He told a US talk show, "I love it. I've been naked in quite a few films. It's for the sisters."

Meyers Wants More Gay Roles

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Velvet Goldmine Alexander Rock Hudson Montgomery Clift

Jonathan Rhys Meyers loves playing homosexual roles so much, he is desperate to branch out and portray world famous gay icons on the big screen. The Irish star, who played gay men in 1998 movie Velvet Goldmine and 2004 blockbuster Alexander, is determined to snap up the parts of Rock Hudson or Montgomery Clift, should their biopics be on the horizon. He says, "Wait another ten years, I'll play Rock Hudson and I'll be back to handbag. "I'm actually a little bit small for Rock. Maybe Montgomery Clift!"

Scarlett + Jonathan Kiss + Tell About Ewan

Match Point Scarlett Johansson Jonathan Rhys Meyers Woody Allen Ewan McGregor Velvet Goldmine

Match Point co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers found they had an odd thing in common on the set of the new Woody Allen film - they've both suffered for their art kissing Ewan McGregor.

The Irish actor locked lips with the Scottish hunk on the set of Velvet Goldmine and Johansson shared a passionate kiss with him in THE ISLAND - and both admit smooching with McGregor can be a rough job.

Johansson reveals, "I didn't think kissing Ewan was that bad but he did have to shave in the middle of the scene. He'd shave that morning and that afternoon and three minutes before the scene... That man has some relentless beard on him."

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Stipe's Pitt Admiration

Michael Stipe Brad Pitt Velvet Goldmine Guy Ritchie

REM star Michael Stipe is urging Hollywood bosses to offer Brad Pitt more challenging roles - because he's a far bigger talent then his resume suggests.

The rock star, who produced quirky films Velvet Goldmine and SAVED!, was stunned by the accuracy of Pitt's Irish accent in Guy Ritchie's critically acclaimed 1999 movie SNATCH.

And he wants producers seeking to fill difficult roles to hire the actor in the future, insisting his skills have yet to be fully pushed to the limit.

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Garland's Film Fury

Alex Garland Velvet Goldmine Jonathan Rhys Meyers The Beach

British author Alex Garland has disowned a new movie version of his novel THE TESSARACT after producers changed the film's location.

Garland's book was set in the Philippine capital Manila - but the movie, starring Velvet Goldmine actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has been moved to Bangkok, Thailand.

And The Beach creator is so furious, he has completely distanced himself from the project.

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McGregor's Naked Admission

Ewan McGregor Velvet Goldmine

British actor Ewan McGregor is baffled by the media's fascination with his naked body, because he deems nudity a completely natural state.

The 33-year-old star - who has flashed his flesh in films including TRAINSPOTTING, Velvet Goldmine and YOUNG ADAM - can't understand the infatuation with his bare form.

He says, "It staggers me how big a deal everyone makes of it, in my everyday life I'm naked quite a lot of the time, interacting with my wife and children at home."

15/04/2004 14:27

Edie Izzard.s Secret Sexuality Crisis

Eddie Izzard Velvet Goldmine

Celebrity transvestite Eddie Izzard has spoken out about his sexual

The Velvet Goldmine actor who has made a name for himself as a stand-up
comedian is well known for his love of women's clothes and make-up.

Of his sexuality Eddie explains, "I'm at the male-lesbian end. I'm a bloke
but I'd be happy to be a woman and I do fancy women. And if I changed sex, I'd
still fancy women. I am up for fancying men, but I can't get it to work in my

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Velvet Goldmine

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