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Larter's Seven Hour Tear-fest

Ali Larter Varsity Blues

HEROES actress Ali Larter wept tears of despair before her whipped cream bikini scene in the 1999 movie Varsity Blues.
Larter played Paul Walker's on-screen girlfriend Darcy in the teen comedy and was forced to smother herself with the dairy product for the infamous scene.
The 31-year-old former model says, "That was my first scene in Varsity Blues and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. I knew if I started crying it would be hard to stop - so I cried for seven hours solid before filming started."
Larter has since stripped bare and lap danced for scenes in the U.S. television show Heroes.
She admits, despite her outpouring of emotion, "The scene must have worked OK because so many people remember it."

Van Der Beek To Play Footballer Again

James Van Der Beek Varsity Blues

Former DAWSON'S CREEK star James Van Der Beek is to return to the football field to play a pro-athlete in the upcoming US adaptation of British TV drama FOOTBALLER'S WIVES.
It's not the first time the actor has suited up to play an American footballer - Van Der Beek played a high school quarterback in Varsity Blues.

Amy Smart Rejected Brad Pitt

Amy Smart Brad Pitt Ashton Kutcher The Butterfly Effect Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Varsity Blues Jennifer Aniston

Actress Amy Smart often wonders what would have been in her love life, after she turned down the opportunity to date Brad Pitt.

The 27-year-old beauty, who stars alongside Ashton Kutcher in new movie The Butterfly Effect, was thrilled when she met Pitt at an Oscars party in 1998 through their mutual manager.

She recalls, "He was so nice and I was so nervous that I kept ordering double cosmos! He made me really nervous, so I'm pounding 'em back just to deal with it.

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Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues Quick Links

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