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Vanlustbader, The People vs. Vanlustbader, Album Review

The People vs. Vanlustbáder
Nomadic Music Ltd
Album Review

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Vanlustbader, Here We Go Again, Single Review

Here We Go Again
Single Review
This debut single from the four boys from Brisbane is a happy-go-lucky piece of catchy pop and is produced by Jim Abiss (who also helped out Kasabian, The Music, Placebo and DJ Shadow to name but a few). The single chugs along nicely enough and is a cheeky mixture of pop and indie with a pinch of punk tossed in. It relies heavily on drums to keep it ticking over and sounds a little like a mixture between Oasis and early Clash and overall is really quite fun.
The irony of its subject matter (godamn predictability) and its sound (pretty godamn predictable) does not detract from the fact that it gets the feet tapping and is a damn sight better than a lot of this genre floating around at the moment.

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