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Nair Told Phillippe To Get Witherspoon Pregnant

6th January 2005

Director MIRA NAIR encouraged RYAN PHILLIPPE to get his wife REESE WITHERSPOON pregnant before filming began on VANITY FAIR. The Indian film-maker hates skinny actresses and when discussing casting on the WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY...

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Star Wars Actors Reunited

5th January 2005

Actors HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER, NATALIE PORTMAN and EWAN McGREGOR have teamed up with other stars of all six STAR WARS movies for a new VANITY FAIR photospread. The American magazine grouped together 22...

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Confusion On Vanity Fair Set

20th December 2004

VANITY FAIR co-stars REESE WITHERSPOON and RHYS IFANS found making the costume drama confusing - because their names are pronounced the same way. The Hollywood beauty and her Welsh co-star were constantly responding to...

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Beckham Talking About Baring Bump

19th December 2004

Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM, who is expecting her third child, is reportedly in negotiations about appearing naked and pregnant on the front cover of American magazine VANITY FAIR. The wife of ENGLAND soccer...

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Shriver Doubtful About Presidential Amendment

4th December 2004

MARIA SHRIVER is supporting a proposed amendment to the US Constitution which would allow her husband ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to run for president - but she doubts it will be enacted. California Governor Schwarzenegger, who...

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Shriver's Family Fears

30th November 2004

MARIA SHRIVER feared her family would fall apart if husband ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER became Governor of California. Despite her political background - Shriver's uncle was assassinated president JOHN F KENNEDY - the journalist insists she...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Credits Gran For Saving His Mum

29th November 2004

Movie star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO thinks of his German grandmother as a saint because she refused to give up on her sick daughter - his mother - during World War Two. The TITANIC star's mum...

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Eminem Blasts Scantily-clad Clubbers

27th November 2004

Rapper EMINEM urges women to dress more respectively if they want to avoid being called `bitches' and `hos' in rap songs - because he's appalled by the young women he sees when he's partying....

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Broke Eminem Stole Food From His Mother

27th November 2004

EMINEM was so broke when he first wed his childhood sweetheart he'd break into his mother's house to steal food. The rapper insists he and his ex, KIM MATHERS, had it really tough throughout...

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Depp Phones Upset Patriots To Explain Himself

12th November 2004

JOHNNY DEPP was so keen to explain himself after Germany's STERN magazine misconstrued a comment he made about America in a 2003 interview, he chose to personally call the patriots who had bombarded him with...

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Lane's Fury With Brit Journalist

9th November 2004

American funnyman NATHAN LANE is looking forward to his run in THE PRODUCERS on the London stage - assuming British journalist TOBY YOUNG stays well away from him. Recalling his interview with HOW TO...

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Polanski's Risky Legal Action

4th November 2004

British courts will deciding this month if director ROMAN POLANSKI will be allowed to sue for libel in an English court, without risking extradition to America. Last year (03) VANITY FAIR magazine alleged Polanski...

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No Love For Eminem

1st November 2004

EMINEM is convinced his superstar status means he will never find love again after divorcing ex-wife KIM MATHERS. The JUST LOSE IT rapper says that women only approach him because he is Eminem and...

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Witherspoon Quits Vanity Fair Premiere

22nd October 2004

Hollywood sweetheart REESE WITHERSPOON has pulled out of the British premiere of her latest film VANITY FAIR to spend time with her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE. The newly-brunette actress, 28, and the film's Indian director...

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Grant Refuses Movie Over Hurley Grudge

10th October 2004

Actor HUGH GRANT passed up the opportunity to star in HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE because of a long-running feud with the original book's author. The LOVE ACTUALLY star fell out with...

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Fatboy Slams 'Boring' Oscar Party

8th October 2004

Dance supremo FATBOY SLIM has named performing at the 2001 VANITY FAIR OSCAR bash his most boring gig. The PRAISE YOU star and radio presenter wife ZOE BALL travelled to Hollywood to provide the...

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Depp Defends Iraq Comments

6th October 2004

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP insists he never called America "dumb" for starting the war in Iraq. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star caused a furore in his native...

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Gyllenhaal To Be Male Bridget Jones

3rd October 2004

JAKE GYLLENHAAL is set to play British writer TOBY YOUNG in the big screen adaptation of the journalist's autobiography HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE Young has secured a $1.4 million (GBP800,000) deal...

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Stars Name Their Inspirations For Instyle Photospread

1st October 2004

Stars like REESE WITHERSPOON, LAURA LINNEY and MEGAN MULLALLY have realised their dreams with a little help from America's INSTYLE magazine - by meeting their inspirations. In a photoshoot, called INSPIRATIONS, in the new...

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Witherspoon Finds Comedy Harder Than Drama

17th September 2004

REESE WITHERSPOON finds comic roles more challenging than serious parts - despite hitting the big time with funny movie LEGALLY BLONDE. The VANITY FAIR actress, 28, is fascinated by the process of making people...

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Cash's Kids Thanks Rubin

16th September 2004

JOHNNY CASH's daughter ROSEANNE and son JOHN JR have paid tribute to DEF JAM founder RICK RUBIN for giving their late father a will to live as he neared death. The siblings have made...

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Gisele Fires Back At Model Boss

16th September 2004

Brazilian supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN has laughed off reports she's "selfish" after parting company with modelling agency ELITE, insisting the company wasn't professional enough for her. Elite boss JOHN CASABLANCAS, the father of THE STROKES...

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Witherspoon's Hangover

10th September 2004

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON upset the world's media when she missed a round of interviews at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL - after a night out drinking with co-star MERYL STREEP. Witherspoon, who is in Italy...

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Princess Diana Had 'No Chance Of Survival'

10th September 2004

Late British royal PRINCESS DIANA had no chance of surviving the Paris car crash which killed her in 1997, a new report says. Following Diana's tragic death rumours were rife that she might have...

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Oscar Writer's Wife Helps Him With Grammar

9th September 2004

OSCAR-winning screenwriter JULIAN FELLOWES relies on his wife to help him with his sometimes careless handling of grammar. Fellowes, who won an ACADEMY AWARD for his GOSFORD PARK script, always lets his spouse EMMA...

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Jet Li's Hero Still Surprising Movie Experts In America

6th September 2004

Chinese martial arts movie HERO continues to shock Hollywood by notching up a second week as the country's top film. The ZHANG YIMOU film, which is set in the third century BC and stars...

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Screenwriters Fume Over Vanity Fair Credits

2nd September 2004

VANITY FAIR's original screenwriters MATTHEW FAULK and MARK SKEET are furious their names have appeared on the credits of the period drama - because they were replaced by OSCAR-winning scribe JULIAN FELLOWES. Faulk and...

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Witherspoon Impresses Co-star

26th August 2004

REESE WITHERSPOON has been winning praise from her VANITY FAIR co-star who found her to be "fiercely intelligent" and highly capable of looking after herself. British actress ROMOLA GARAI, 22, who plays AMELIA SEDLEY...

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Purefoy Fights Off Serial Groupie

23rd August 2004

British movie heart-throb JAMES PUREFOY had to enlist the skills of his publicist to help him fight off the amorous attentions of a notorious groupie. The RESIDENT EVIL hunk, 40, was socialising at the...

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Witherspoon's Shocking New Look

18th August 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE actress REESE WITHERSPOON has shocked fans by dying her famously fair hair brown. The sexy star's new look is so different many photographers didn't recognises her at the New York premiere of...

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