Vanessa Paradis has credited partner Johnny Depp with inspiring her to take control of her music career by teaching her to play the guitar.
The French singer holed up with Depp in the months after their first child, daughter Lily Rose, was born in 1999, and they spent time writing songs for her album Bliss.
Paradis went on to dedicate the 2000 record to Depp, who helped her create the cover artwork, and she insists it was the Pirates of the Caribbean star who boosted her self-esteem.
She tells France's Elle magazine, "It was Johnny, really, who gave me the confidence. He gave me a guitar, taught me how to play it. I started to seriously compose, and it was his gaze and desire that permitted this album to see the light of day. It'll always stay (in my memory as) a very happy time in my life."