Stu Pollard's indie feature Nice Guys Sleep Alone suffers from the same problem as his main character Carter (Sean O'Bryan): It's too nice and sweet. I kept waiting for romantic loser/hero Carter -- to paraphrase Vince Vaughn in Swingers -- to be the "rated R guy, the guy we're not sure if we like yet." When he finally becomes that guy, we're too far gone down this road, a road which wants to tell us something about friendship and love intermingling, and how although "nice guys" typically get the shaft, it doesn't always pan out that way.

Pollard has a good sense of comic timing (and the good sense to adapt a novel instead of writing his own original story). His film pans out in Louisville, with frequent visits to the track and other interesting locations. (How many indie romantic comedies are shot in two locations: someone's apartment and a bar!? Ugh.) He even gets actors like Morgan Fairchild and William "This is my other brother Darryl" Sanderson. Pollard obviously spent a lot of money too, shooting on 35mm (if not, he fooled me) and staging some big-budget scenes, including period-piece dream sequences and real-live horse races.

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