Classical music star Vanessa Mae is celebrating after Chinese officials announced the end of a mandate on animal testing for cosmetics.

The violinist, who was born in Singapore but has Chinese roots, teamed up with officials at The Humane Society to fight for new laboratory laws and it appears their campaign has been a success - from Monday (30Jun14), animal testing for ordinary cosmetics produced inside China will no longer be legally mandated.

As animal rights activists celebrated their victory with street events in Dalian and Beijing, Mae tells Wenn, "I am proud of my Chinese heritage, but I also know that there is much work to be done to end animal suffering in China. This is a hugely important milestone and I hope the first step in China's journey towards ending all animal testing for cosmetics.

"Rabbits, guinea pigs and other creatures need us to be their voice. Their suffering for our lipsticks and shampoos is so unjust and I look forward to seeing the day when the whole world can be cruelty-free. I'm a huge animal lover and it's heartbreaking to think that in China and around the world hundreds of thousands of animals are suffering just to test our make-up. It has to stop."