Vanessa Hudgens wants her own fashion line.

The 'Sucker Punch' actress would love to launch a clothing collection which reflected her own eclectic style, but doesn't currently have the time to venture down a different career path.

She said: "When I find the time and the right partner to do a fashion line, I'm definitely going to.

"I would probably have different seasons dedicated to different styles. I'm one who really mixes it up in my normal life - from the cowgirl to the bohemian to the Indian princess to the rocker to God knows where."

The 22-year-old actress has Native American, Irish and Filipino ancestry and believes her diverse ethnic background makes it easier for her to be experimental with her look.

She said: "I love fashion. I do work at it but now more than ever I get to play with my looks, especially because I'm so many different ethnicities and I can pass as so many different things."