Vanessa Hudgens has described Neil Patrick Harris as 'incredibly talented' after the pair worked together on new movie 'Beastly'.
Vanessa Hudgens, the American actress and star of 'High School Musical', has spoken of the fun she had working with 'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris on their new drama-fantasy film, reports Moviefone.'Beastly', which hit cinemas on Friday (4th March 2011), is a modern day reworking of the 'Beauty and the Beast' story, set against the backdrop of a private school in New York City. The 22-year-old actress says the chance to adapt a 'classic tale' for a contemporary 'teen audience' attracted her to the role, adding that she hopes audiences will take the film's theme and "truly apply it in their everyday lives". When asked to describe her experience of working with Patrick Harris, Hudgens said, "He is so amazingly and incredibly talented. From what he used to do in Doogie Howser, to what he does in How I Met Your Mother and now with Beastly, he's playing a blind tutor. So, there's probably no stopping him when it comes to his range, and he's just such a great guy". Hudgens says one of the actor's scenes in particular had her in hysterics, saying, "He did this thing where he kind of runs himself into the wall with a very bad joke.I had no idea that he was going to be doing it. So, I was trying to be not curled over laughing because he's just so funny".
Vanessa Hudgens is also set to star in the forthcoming action-fantasy movie 'Sucker Punch' about a young girl who is institutionalised by her wicked stepmother. The film is set to be released in the US on 25th March 2011.