Actress Vanessa Hudgens had the time of her life at Madonna's Oscars party last month (Feb13) after challenging the pop star's entourage to a dance-off.

The High School Musical beauty attended the star-studded bash in Los Angeles with her Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez, and Hudgens reveals they had a blast showing off their dance skills.

She tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "Me and Selena Gomez... went to the Vanity Fair (party) and we didn't really know a lot of people there, so we decided to duck out and go to a different party, which was the Madonna party... So she's there and she has her dancers there. They're dancing, getting the party spiced up... so I was like, 'I gotta jump in on this action, they need some of Vanessa up in this.' So I had a dance-off with her dancers and I took the prize! People were literally like, 'You were so hot!'"

The 24 year old, clad in a yellow sequin dress, demonstrated her winning "booty poppin'" moves during her appearance on Leno's Tonight Show on Wednesday (20Mar13).