It’s a fact that if Stevie Nicks officiates your wedding, it is going to be an exciting affair. It must have been so for Vanessa Carlton and John McCauley, who just had the 65-year-old singer/songwriter preside over their special day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The ceremony took place on Saturday, December 28 and, if Carlton’s twitter posts are any indication, it was an intimate and romantic celebration, featuring fairy lights, flower crowns and kisses at sunset. The wedding had an outdoorsy theme to it, with the couple exchanging vows on a hilltop at sunset.

Carlton later tweeted several photos, including one of the couple sharing a kiss, which she captioned: 'Married this gentleman two hours ago xo.'

Carlton, 33, first met the Deer Tick singer when he contacted her on Twitter and the two started dating soon after. 'We met through Patrick Hallahan, from My Morning Jacket. He introduced us after I went on Vanessa's Twitter and said, "Hey, VC let's get a beer,''' said McCauley in an interview with Billboard. 'I had just figured out how to use Twitter so I was really proud of myself.'

Sounds like the perfect modern day love story.