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Music Independence Day: MTV's Twist On 4th July Celebrations

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As America celebrates independence of 4th July, cable entertainment channel MTV will host its own spin on the day's festivities with a planned 'Music Independence Day', which will celebrate music, giving lesser-known artists an opportunity to gain exposure, according to the Associated Press.

In a return to its musical roots, along with VH1 and CMT, MTV will turn Wednesday 4th into an all-day party with hours dedicated to various different genres.

Successful mainstream acts, like Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars, will be honoured but emerging bands will be able to compete with each other on the online 'Artist Platform' to win a TV-airing of their music video.

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Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat Review

Early in Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat, Lawrence goes on a brief tirade about his hatred for critics because they make a habit of judging things they know little about. After sitting through this sloppy, made-for-movie comedy special, it makes me wonder if Lawrence hates criticism so much that he refuses to evaluate his own work.

Runteldat operates in much the same fashion as Lawrence's You So Crazy, where he spends 90 minutes barking out offensive remarks punctuated with bookends of profanity. Some of the jokes garnered genuine belly laughter - in particular, the bits involving white parents' use of "time out" and references to the black stars of the COPS television show. Some jokes however, especially the drunken husband routine, drag on for what seemed to be an eternity -- even the "live" audience appears restless in some cutaway shots -- while other jokes are just stale regurgitations of many I've seen pass through my email inbox a multitude of times. Please Martin, we all know how similar babies are to old people.

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200 Cigarettes Review

The bad news: This story of a bunch of New Yorkers on New Year's Eve, 1981, is so trite and stupid that it doesn't merit any attention whatsoever. The cast (playing uber-NYCers) are uniformly grating and obnoxious -- and Courtney Love as ringleader makes it even worse.

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Tupac: Resurrection Review

It's easy to forget that Tupac Shakur was just 25 when he was gunned down at a Las Vegas intersection in September 1996. In such a brief period of time, he lived a full life: rapper, movie star, convict, and cultural figurehead. That's quite a position for someone any age. I can't imagine how someone that young handles it.

The answer, according to Lauren Lazin's documentary Tupac: Resurrection, is you struggle. The movie is not a glorified big screen version of Behind the Music, but a thoughtful and smart examination behind the street swagger and angry posturing that makes rap music so hated and so popular. Through interviews, photographs, and other footage, Tupac tells his story. The longer he talks the more one realizes how familiar his story sounds.

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