Montreal band Valleys are set to release their new album 'Are You Going To Stand There and Talk Weird All Night?' on April 29th 2013 through Kanine Records. Ahead of this, they are here with a stunningly bizarre video for the album's first single 'Un-dream a Year'.

The video, credited as a film by Derrick Belcham, has an eeriness about it. It begins with a girl asleep in her bed before awaking and taking a walk through the streets at night. As she walks, she passes various figures of herself repeating the same action over and over again or simply floating in mid-air but she does her best to ignore them. It ends the way it started, with her falling asleep and waking up again signifying a sense of her life's repetition. The song itself is an ethereal pop number with a dreamy repetitive melody and slow, mournful vocals which only add to the slightly sinister atmosphere. 

The band have said that the story behind the song, which is the album closer, is about waking up and yearning to repeat the last few years of one's life and it's this desperation and nostalgia that serves as a major theme throughout 'Are You Going To Stand There and Talk Weird All Night?'.

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