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Downey Jr Horrified By Smelly Kilmer Kiss

22nd October 2005

Movie star ROBERT DOWNEY JR's latest movie kissing scene was one of the most difficult moments of his career - because he had to lock lips with a smelly VAL KILMER. The pair play...

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The Things They Say 450

21st October 2005

"I think there's 42 shower scenes in that movie. There's one girl and a lot of slapping." VAL KILMER jokes that TOP GUN is a gay movie....

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The Things They Say 441

20th October 2005

"I've even got a good title - DOG FIGHT. Isn't that a good title?" VAL KILMER insists he's keen to make a sequel to TOP GUN....

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Fascinating Fact 386

20th October 2005

Eccentric VAL KILMER was so hungry when he arrived at his KISS KISS, BANG BANG premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday night (18OCT05) he stepped out of his limousine and promptly crossed the street to get...

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The Things They Say 421

19th October 2005

"Colin is not a giver. Robert's a giver." VAL KILMER insists ROBERT DOWNEY JR is a better kisser than COLIN FARRELL....

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Farrell's Fall From Bathroom Window

14th October 2005

COLIN FARRELL has come clean about the accident that almost brought filming of OLIVER STONE's flop epic ALEXANDER to a halt - he drunkenly jumped out of a window. The Irishman previously claimed he...

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The Things They Say 188

12th September 2005

"The only other man I've ever kissed was COLIN FARRELL in ALEXANDER - and ROBERT's better." VAL KILMER credits his KISS KISS, BANG BANG co-star ROBERT DOWNEY JR with having good lips....

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Hall Condemns Theatre Producers For Casting Hollywood Stars

11th September 2005

English theatre director SIR PETER HALL has accused West End producers of using big names such as ROB LOWE and DAVID SCHWIMMER at the expense of homegrown talent. The esteemed director claims the artistic...

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Depp And Kilmer Host Bbc Radio Documentaries

25th August 2005

Hollywood stars JOHNNY DEPP and VAL KILMER are taking a break from acting to narrate a series of documentaries for BBC Radio 2. THE DOORS actor Kilmer - who is currently starring in...

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Keaton: 'I Would Turn Down Batman Forever Again'

4th August 2005

BATMAN star MICHAEL KEATON has no regrets about turning down the third film in the Caped Crusader franchise, because he thought the script was lacklustre. Keaton was replaced by VAL KILMER in BATMAN FOREVER...

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London Theatre Returns To Normal

8th July 2005

LATEST: Hollywood stars VAL KILMER, EWAN McGREGOR and DAVID SCHWIMMER will return to the London stage tonight (08JUL05), after Thursday's (07JUL05) West End shows were cancelled following the horrific terrorist attacks. All plays and...

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London Shows Shelved In Aftermath Of Terrorist Attacks

8th July 2005

Stars including EWAN McGREGOR, VAL KILMER, DAVID SCHWIMMER, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, THE PRODIGY and SUM 41 have all called off performances in London tonight (07JUL05), following a series of terrorist attacks in the...

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Kilmer Genuinely Ill

29th June 2005

LATEST: VAL KILMER has hit out at claims he missed a performance of his West End play because he had been over-indulging at the Wimbledon tennis championships, claiming he was genuinely ill with gastroentiritis....

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Kilmer's Absence Angers Audience

27th June 2005

VAL KILMER left a London theatre audience angry on Friday (24JUN05) after failing to show up to perform The Postman Only Rings Twice on the West End due to "an indisposition". Fans who had...

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Kilmer Plans Biopic About Christian Science Heroine

23rd June 2005

Movie star VAL KILMER is writing a screenplay about the founder of the Christian Science movement. THE DOORS star, himself a follower of the religion, insists MARY BAKER EDDY's life story is amazing and...

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Kilmer's Eager Strip Club Trip

15th June 2005

Actor VAL KILMER was so desperate to visit London's notorious Stringfellows strip club, he hitched a lift from a shocked stranger. The 45-year-old hunk has become a huge fan of the raunchy...

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Kilmer Backs Arsenal

9th June 2005

Hollywood star VAL KILMER is settling into British life with ease as he stars on London's West End stage - he's a keen supporter of top London soccer club ARSENAL. Kilmer, who is currently...

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Kilmer Eyes Up Directorial Debut

9th June 2005

VAL KILMER is eagerly awaiting the chance to make his directorial debut, and is so confident with his acting ability he's cast himself in two roles. The multi-talented WONDERLAND star, currently appearing on London's...

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Kilmer Takes On Tennis Ace

7th June 2005

Hollywood star VAL KILMER has challenged any British celebrity to a game of tennis during his stint in the UK - and he intends to win. The confident actor, currently starring on London's West...

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Kilmer Keen To Crack Comedy

6th June 2005

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER is desperate to ditch his tough guy persona and star in more comedies. The 45-year-old is famed for playing tormented characters in films like THE DOORS, WONDERLAND and HEAT, but...

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Kilmer And Stone To Team Up Again

29th May 2005

VAL KILMER is teaming up with ALEXANDER director OLIVER STONE again - this time to host an acting seminar. The Hollywood star will reunite with the controversial filmmaker for the exclusive London workshop next...

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Kilmer: 'Downey Jr Is A Great Kisser Too'

22nd May 2005

VAL KILMER's kissing prowess has been praised by ROBERT DOWNEY JR after their steamy scene together in KISS KISS BANG BANG - and now Kilmer has returned the compliment. Former hellraiser Downey Jr quipped...

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Kilmer Ordered To Apologise To Bus Drivers

16th May 2005

Actor VAL KILMER has been ordered to apologise to British bus drivers after he accused them of being drug addicts. The TOP SECRET star is currently in London during his stint in West End...

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Kilmer Owes Sobriety To Downey Jr

1st May 2005

VAL KILMER owes his new-found sobriety to the influence of ROBERT DOWNEY JR, who insisted he stay teetotal during the shoot of their latest movie. The Hollywood hunk found attempts to drink a beer...

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Kilmer Hails Clever London Theatre-goers

26th April 2005

Actor VAL KILMER has praised London theatre audiences for being more intelligent than the crowds he's performed to in New York. The notoriously hard-to-please star is currently rehearsing for his West End stage role...

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Kilmer Dating Greek Heiress

24th April 2005

VAL KILMER is dating Greek heiress and actress ZETA GRAFF. The 35-year-old ex-wife of jeweller FRANCOIS GRAFF flew to London last week (begs18APR05) to spend time with the HEAT actor, who is rehearsing for...

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Kilmer To Give Up Hollywood Work To Make UK Stage Debut

11th April 2005

THE DOORS star VAL KILMER has declined the opportunity to star in two big-budget Hollywood movies - so he can make his British stage debut next month (MAY05). Kilmer, 45, will star in THE...

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All-star Cast Set For Lennon Adaptation

29th March 2005

A host of stars including LIV TYLER, VAL KILMER, VINCENT GALLO and ASIA ARGENTO are vying for roles in SEAN LENNON's film adaptation of Japanese book COIN LOCKER BABIES. Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's youngest...

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Kilmer's Dead Girl Gets A Cyberspace Release

8th March 2005

A controversial VAL KILMER film about necrophilia is finally to be released on the internet almost a decade after it was made. DEAD GIRL, which also stars ANNE PARILLAUD and AMANDA PLUMMER, was...

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Kilmer Furious With Release Of Hidden Movie

11th February 2005

VAL KILMER is furious a documentary about an unreleased movie he filmed nine years ago is to be released. French producer PHILLIPPE CALAND will release his autobiographical film HOLLYWOOD BUDDHA about a film-maker's...

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